If you’re an ambitious successful woman who– when you stop for a minute– feel a deep sense of longing for something more or something different, and you know you're scratching the surface of your potential...

We need to talk...

you know you're meant for more...

If you’re an ambitious successful woman who– when you stop for a minute– feel a deep sense of discontent*, anxiety, burnout and stress at the life & business you’ve built…

We need to talk...

When the spark is gone...

*And then feel guilty for feeling that way when so many people look up to you and are envious of your life…

When the spark is gone...

Hey there [niche audience], yeah you...

say less, let's do it!

The only job of your headline is to hook your reader and keep them reading. [Get outcome] in just [time period]... even if/without [common objection]

Introducing the ....

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Do you want to know how we [do this thing] with [this tool], while not [insert pain point]

Hey there [niche audience], yeah you...

say less, let's do it!

Most ambitious women hold themselves back from the life they're really craving...

  • You see others living out their dream life and you wonder why you don't have yours

  • You're successful in one area of life, but everything else is falling apart

  • You keep going through the same issue year after year and you know there's a lesson there but it's frustrating

  • You have an inkling that you're meant to make a big change or pivot, but you haven't taken the plunge

  • You're looking to the next hire, trip or client to change everything...but it hasn't done so so far!

  • You've been stuck at the same financial level for years (even if you have millions in the bank)

This often shows up as a nagging feeling that you're meant for something more or different...

Private Coaching!
Private Coaching
Private Coaching
Private Coaching
Private Coaching
Private Coaching
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Private Coaching

We often make decisions based on fear

We don’t know how to generate happiness

We aren’t taught to live life based on what we want

here's the thing...this isn't your fault

We aren't actually programmed for the impossible...

common roadblocks my clients face

We stay the path wayyyy too long because of all of the time and money we've already sunk into the vision

We’re taught that it’s all about hard work so we add more hours and more stress until we get to a breaking point

We follow other people’s plans for success even if it’s not aligned

Do you see how this is a recipe for disaster? Even though you might have success, your mind will constantly try to hold you back...

Or to create our dream life. In fact, it's the complete opposite.

BUT How can we possibly tap into what we truly want when when we're set up to play small?

This my friend, is where I have very good news, but it is going to require a bit of bravery on your part.

There is a way to tap into what you TRULY want, what will make you happy, and get you off the feeling of living on autopilot and to help you tap into what you really want and the life that's meant for you. 

It requires three things – simple and easy to understand – but will require some courage to do. 

Desires + Belief+ Action

Over the past decade, I've developed my own methodology for tapping into my truest desires and creating more joy and success in my life, as well as supporting my clients in doing the same.

In this program, I'm sharing this framework . This is simple and easy to implement. And once you learn this, you can integrate this into your life.

My Framework

your dream life




say less, let's do it!

1. Most women who try to change their life just focus on action. 

And what happens? 

2. Well, without knowing what you want and having the belief system to get it, action turns into a mess.

3. A few women know they have to change their beliefs and try as hard as they can to get their mind to match their feet, but without understanding desire… they quit when the going gets tough.

our normal pattern...

desires work is not something most of us were taught. 

I, however, have made it my life’s work to help women tap into their true desires, expand their belief systems to hold those desires, and then put a plan of action in place to make it happen… even if your life seems “fixed” or your vision seems too big. 

I have seen the pitfalls that occur when you don't have support, which is why I'm so passionate about working with you 1:1 to create real, lasting change.

I want to apply!

This is why you need all three.

I’m Emily Williams, Desires Expert and Your No-B.S. Coach.

I love working with ambitious women who have hit a roadblock in their life and are ready for a change and expansion into their next-level self.

After going through a 5-year quarter life crisis and learning how to dig myself out a deep depression, I fell in love with personal development and vowed to help other women create a life they love using the process that worked for me. Since then, I've not only worked with the world's best mentors and teachers to build up my own skillset, I've now coached thousands of women around the world in my private mentorship program and courses. I've seen firsthand that anything is possible when you tune into your desires, and that's what my work is about. 

COACH, ceo, author, lover of all things luxury. 


Work with me 1:1 to shift into your next level of success. I take you through my desires framework to help you tap into what you're really meant for and unlock your fullest potential...


MY PRIVATE COACHING is different, and here's why


Phase #1 - Desire Discovery

You’ll be taken through a process to discover what you truly want. Many women who have worked tirelessly for family, spouse, career ladder, haven’t stopped long enough to even ask themselves the question or know the answer! And then they wonder why they’re waking up each day feeling unsatisfied, drained, or even lost and confused.  

My process is more than just getting you to write a list of what you want or cut out some photos from a magazine to create a vision board. Yes, that's part of it but we actually look at what you're tolerating and jeaousy of as well.

In this phase, I help you avoid wasted time and money that often happens when driven women unknowingly settings goals they don’t actually want to happen or go down the path they think they should want.

As you can imagine, if you don't know what you want, it's very challenging to reach your goals so this is key to our work together.

Together, we'll cover:

  • How to identify what you're tolerating in your life to get clear on what you actually want.
  • Why jealousy is a good thing, and how to use it to gain more clarity and traction.
  • How to avoid setting goals that you don't actually want to happen. 
  • How to set aligned goals that get you on the path to your truest desires. 
  • Why developing worthy and 
  • Why most women know what they want but they aren’t allowing themselves to even go there and how to give yourself permission to live your dream life in a matter of seconds.
  • The #1 thing that blocks your desires from manifesting and how to release that.
  • Using your emotions to give you even more clarity around what you want


Phase #2 - Beliefs and Mindset

What’s in the way of your desires? What belief systems and blocks are standing in the way or your dreams?

Knowing what you want is powerful, but if you don't believe you can have it, feel unworthy of that life or are constantly worried about what people will think when you make it happen, you'll end up self-sabatoging every time.

Anyone can put things on a vision board, but if you don’t believe that what you want is possible, then you’re going to hold yourself back every time. The other issue is that most people are making decisions from a place of fear vs what they want. And then they wonder why they don’t have the life that they want. 

Together, we will...

  • Identify what's standing in the way of your desires.
  • Look at your limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck.
  • Learn how to move past the doubts that threaten your progress.
  • Implement key practices into your life and routine to move you closer to your vision.
  • Understanding your core wounds
  • Practice methodology of fake it 'til you make it (it's not what you think!).
  • Learn how to shift from a negative mindset in the gap towards the "gain". 
  • Develop a deeper sense of trust in self, life and others.
  • Learn how to use the Universal Laws to create the life you want.


Phase #3 - Desire Action Plan

I'm sure if you're reading this page, you know the importance of taking action. However, maybe up until this point, you've been taking action towards a vision that no longer aligns. Or maybe you've been taking action on auto-pilot without actually checking in to see if it's leading you towards what you really want. Maybe you haven't mastered the skill of goal-setting so it often feels like you're throwing spaghetti against the wall. 

Together we'll cover...

  • The crime of waiting and how there's always something else going on beneath the surface if you find yourself holding back.
  • How to move past procrastination and break that cycle. 
  • How to continuously overcome doubt (once you get into motion, that’s really when all of the real fears and blocks come up so you need this skill!).
  • I'll help you identify your expanders in life and release the relationships that are no longer serving your vision.
  • What stopping strategies you currently put in place in your life and how to move through them.
  • How to increase your bouncebackability even when you set the most lofty goals that feel scary and uncertain.
  • How to put healthy boundaries in place that serve you and your relationships.
  • The #1 transformational action step that I require all of my clients to implement right away.
  • When you should quit (and what you should quit immediately).
  • How to maximize your schedule and time so you reach your goals quicker than ever before.

What's Included

How the INTENSIVE works

You'll get access to my unique Dream Life Assessment evaluating every area of your life. This will help me gain an understanding of what's keeping you in a holding pattern and stopping you from stepping into your dream life and next level.

A powerful 90-minute VIP Intensive where I'll walk you though my framework and support you in gaining clarity and making big shifts on the call. This will help me create your 90-Day Dream Life Plan where you'll get into action towards your goals.

Your personalized 90 day action plan so you can continue to stay in motion and move towards your vision even after our call.

yes I want this!

Texting and Voice access to me daily (Monday through Friday) for 30 days for advice, coaching and real-time support. You'll feel fully supported each day and get all of your questions answered as you start to implement your action plan.

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What you'll get:

Take a look at

The truth? I don't believe in waiting and I know you don't want to be in the same place 6 months from now...

  • Maybe for you, your next level requires an audacious business milestone like 8 or 9-figures. Or landing a TedX or working with your next-level client.
  • Maybe you've had some business trauma and now you know you're holding yourself back...and you want to go all in again.
  • Maybe you've figured out the business side, but you're bored in your life or you don't have the relationships that you're dreaming of. 
  • Or maybe you've been working so hard for the past decade that you've let your health fall my the wayside and you have no idea what actually brings you joy.

Regardless of the desire, we'll work on figuring out why you haven't year reached that goal, and how to get you three. All through the inner work that will change your outer reality.

BIG results

Coach and Speaker

Nicole Benson


"Emily specifically really helped me figure out where my focus should go for the next 90 days and also beyond...and I also walked away with a really exciting personal goal that I'm excited about researching and implementing...Most of all, I'm excited to have some clarity...I have so many ideas going on all the time...and just to be able to have someone who has gone ahead of me who knows all of these things say 'that's the easy stuff' is really encouraging to me..."

theresa Nguyen

"Working with Emily has been truly transformative. Initially aiming for five-figure months and sold-out retreats (which did happen), I realized my main hurdle was being visible and authentically sharing my work.. Emily empowered me to embrace my true self shamelessly and confidently. With her guidance, I overcame my fear of rejection and criticism, gradually sharing more until I rebranded my business. Emily treated me as a partner, respecting my choices in running my business. She unwaveringly held the vision of my potential until I could claim it myself."

Jennifer jayde

Coach, Speaker, Author

“Spending a month privately coaching with Emily was everything I knew it would be and more. Together we laid out the exact road map to reaching my big desires and intentions for this year, as well as provided me with connections, referrals, and feedback on where I was playing small and holding myself back."

real women getting big results

If you know you're meant for more and are ready to uplevel, this is for you. Please note, only apply if you really want to transform and bust through the blocks holding you back. This will require commitment and dedication. Also note that this is not a business coaching program. This is all about changing your inner world to see big shifts in your outer reality.


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