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Emily Williams is a success coach, entrepreneur, and author with a seven-figure business (I Heart My Life), who at one point, couldn't get a job at Starbucks. Now she helps women follow their heart and create a life better than their dreams.




the story behind the success

I'm just a girl from Ohio, but the truth is, I always knew I was meant for something big...

I know firsthand what it means to feel that you're meant for something big, but have no idea how to make it happen. To go through life wondering when you’ll finally get to the good part. Believe me, I've been there. But ever since I got serious about transforming my own life, I've supported thousands of women just like you in doing the same. I'm all about helping you tap into your deepest hopes and desires and cut through the B.S. that's stopping you from getting it—so you can finally achieve your true potential and create a life that's better than your dreams. If I can do it, you can, too…

From Starbucks to Success

In 2008, my whole life changed course. I literally turned the car around between Ohio and Chicago and decided not to go to graduate school as planned. Somehow, I knew it wasn't the right next step for me—and that I was meant for more.I moved back in with my parents and fell into a major quarter-life crisis. After a string of low-paying jobs (including serving up lattes at Starbucks) that left me feeling bored and stuck, I finally decided to follow my heart and make a change. 

So I started to dream big—about moving to London (where I knew no one), writing a book (that I wasn’t sure anyone would read), and launching my own coaching business (without knowing whether I would earn a dime). People told me what I wanted wasn’t “realistic.” But if you ask me, life isn’t supposed to be realistic. It’s supposed to be lived to the fullest.

I started my business in 2014, $30,000 in credit card debt and $90,000 in student loan debt. I had never run a business, coached, marketed my services—you name it—but I learned how to make my dreams a reality. I made $442 in my first month of business—and hit six figures in six months. Within the first 18 months, I hit seven figures—a meteoric rise that would be impressive for anyone, let alone a small-town girl from Ohio.

What I'm saying here is you don't have to have all the answers, you just have to get started. Your heart knows the way. Trust it.

The Real truth.

"I made $442 in my first month of business—and hit six figures in six months. Within the first 18 months, I hit seven figures—a meteoric rise that would be impressive for anyone, let alone a small-town girl from Ohio.'

fast forward to


I coach women all over the world, helping them break through their limiting beliefs and rewrite their money stories, so they can finally move forward with their dreams and make more money than ever before.


But as with every success story, that's not where it started...


October 1985

Entered into the world

April 1986

spoke my first word. My dad claims  it was "money". 

(Seems fitting.)

july 2008

graduated college

Graduated college with a degree in Psychology. Was all set to to go Northwestern in Chicago but on the drive there from Ohio, I knew I couldn't do it—so I turned the car around.

july 2008 - august 2010

HAD A quarter-life crisis

Moved back in with my parents and did odd jobs like working at a hospital and at Starbucks (after applying three times!).


August 2010

Moved to london, engLand

Having dreamed of moving to England for years, I applied for a Master's in Non-Fiction Writing. Was accepted and moved with four suitcases and a dream. I knew no one, and worked as a nanny when I first arrived.

july 2011

Met my husband online

Met my husband James on a cheesy dating site. Got engaged six months later. At the time, I was working as an Assistant and Matchmaker in London—and still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.




April 2013


My best friend sent me Marie Forleo’s website. For the second time, my whole life changed course.
(Photo credit: Eric Michael Pearson)

september 2013


I knew I had a hold of something special, and needed support to bring it to life. So I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School. (Had to pay the $2000 investment in installments because I didn’t have the money.)

december 2013-March 2014

LAUNCHED MY first website

James and I built my first website on Adobe Muse from the kitchen table. He also took my first brand photos! Started sending out newsletters for 15 friends and family on my list. I was so nervous!


july 2014

SIGNED MY first client

Went to California with my family (they paid). Got my first client and made $442 that month. Was still $30k in credit card debt, not including student loans.

october 2014

quit MY 9-5 job

Told my coach I was ready to quit my 9-5 job. Resigned the next day. Had my first $6k month.

november 2014

HAD MY first 5-figure month

Sold 10 one on one coaching packages. First five-figure month. (After I told my coach "nothing was working".)

december 2014

first group program

Hit a $32k month milestone. Launched my first group program and enrolled 25 clients.


february 2015

started to jet set

Hit six-figures in six months! Traveled to Sydney and Bali for conferences. Had 27 one on one clients at one time. Didn’t sleep much. 

march 2015

Launched my second group program

Launched my second group program and enrolled 33 clients. Also hosted my first-ever event with Kate Spade.

april 2015

james Joined IHML a coach

Made $120k that month. James resigned from his design job of 12 years to join me in the business.

August 2015

won divine destiny

Hit $500k in my first year in business. Travelled to California for my group program graduation. Got the top “Divine Destiny” award.

and the momentum hit...

SHOW More: 2016- 2021!

JAnuary 2016

made 7-figures

Reached the million-dollar mark in my first 18 months in business. Celebrated in Vail with friends. Decided to stay two more weeks because we loved it. #freedom

july 2016

found my dream home in london

Decided to go for it. Realized later that it was across the street from a park I used to cry in when I moved to London because I was lonely and stuck. #grateful

august 2016

launched a stationery collection

Launched our first stationery cards. 


january 2017

Started working with Brendon Burchard

July 2017

Got Featured in 

While in NYC, I also hosted my second event with Kate Spade (the first one was in London in 2015!)


january 2018

Launched the IHML Show

Planned a launch in this James Bond chalet. (Because why not?)

april 2018

Got a book deal with Hay House UK

august 2018

Became a British citizen

october 2018

Spoke on stage for the first time

Brendon is a New York Times Bestselling Author and top Coach in the world.

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Created and hosted our first official transformational live event to connect with a community of women who both dream and go big.

And went to Italy a few months later to start writing!

Felt like I had come full circle. My parents were even there at the ceremony!

Caught the speaking bug, and started getting invited to speak on stages all around the world.

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JUNE 2019

My book was released!

It helps you discover your purpose, transform your mindset, and create success beyond your dreams.





moved to California

James and I followed our dreams and decided it was time for a change. We packed our bags and moved to the sunshine coast!

And I'm just getting started...


July 2021

had my dream photoshoot

Finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of a photoshoot at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia. Relaunched the Emily Williams brand as well as our sister brand I Heart My Life a month later.

Hit play

let's work together

your dream life is waiting

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in the


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I'm all about inspiring others to take action on behalf of their dreams and would love to serve your community in person or virtually.

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"Emily Williams is a fearless champion for ambitious women who want more out of life. She’s helped countless women leave their 9–5 jobs, start a business, and make more money than ever before." 

-Selena Soo

Impacting Millions Founder


"Emily truly helped me “flip the switch” on how I view money, freedom and even fear itself. And she also has an uncanny ability to make complicated ‘money concepts’ really simple and actionable!' 

-Chris Winfield

Super connector media co-founder

"If you’re looking to master the inner game of wealth, look no further. Emily is direct – no B.S. – and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met." 

-Sarah Kaler

Leadership Coach

"Emily Williams is a master money mindset coach. She has a way of kindly coaching but never letting you get away with your BS. Her money mindset trainings continue to be my "go-to" as I continue to level up. I tell everyone to work with her on their money issues."

-Maria Coz

Business coach


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