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I’m coming to you today from Seattle, Washington, in the United States.

It’s a really exciting time for me personally, and I wanted to share the full story with you today.

But first, let’s talk about change — more importantly, giving yourself the permission to change or reroute.

As you probably know, in 2010, I moved myself from Ohio to London, England, with four suitcases and a dream. I didn’t know anyone in the UK, but I felt called to live there. There was no reason — just a feeling, and I knew that I’d regret it if I didn’t at least give it a try.

Fast-forward less than a year later, I met James on a cheesy dating site online. Within six months we were engaged to be married. In December 2012 we had two weddings (one in the US and one in the UK) and started our married life together.

In 2014, I started I Heart My Life and a year after that, James left his 9-5 job to join me in the company.

The next few years were a complete whirlwind and one year in particular, we travelled to the United States eight times for conferences, events and family occasions.

It was then that we began to question living in the UK. Was it the right place for us? Did it make sense? What did we really want to do?

Please hear me when I say, I absolutely love London. I never thought that I’d want to leave. And to be honest, even on the flight over here a few days ago, James and I had no idea whether Seattle or the other cities we’re visiting on this trip would even compare. It will always hold such a place in my heart, and now, as a British citizen, I know it will always been a home to me whether I reside there or not.

But just like that moment when I decided not to go to grad school in Chicago, turned that car around and ended up moving to London, I knew I had to pay attention to my heart. And my heart was saying that it was time for a change…

“But who am I if I don’t live in London. It’s such a big part of my story. It makes me different,” I thought.

In the beginning, I worried about the decision, but ultimately I recognized that it’s not about where I live that makes me me or I Heart My Life what it is today.

As James and I talked about it over the next few years, we both realized that living in the United States not only made more sense (since 70% of our clients are here and our whole team is in this time zone as well), but it was also what we wanted.

So that brings us to today, and our big West Coast adventure. Although we narrowed it down to one country, we still haven’t decided on the city. (We’re also visiting Santa Barbara and Los Angeles on this trip.)

But we trust that we’ll know when we’re meant to know. We believe our hearts have the answers.

Yes, we’re looking at the facts, the weather patterns, where are friends live, the taxes — but the most important thing to us is happiness and living life based on our desires.

And who knows — we may choose a city that’s right for a year, or five or ten and decide to move. I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m more than okay — I’m grateful.

You see, we’ve created a life full of choice, and I know that’s not the case for everyone. Actually let me rephrase that, I know that’s not what everyone in the world has created for themselves.

I believe that choice is available for all of us. The “laptop lifestyle” is there for the taking no matter who you are. You can live anywhere you desire.

So today, I hope this is a reminder for you and an example of what’s possible for you too.

Trust in your heart, and give yourself permission. Permission to choose — not just based on the facts, but based on what your heart really wants. You have a choice. You get to decide. Don’t let fear or doubt creep in and stop you.

I believe in you, Lovely.

Oh, and while I have you here, you can follow our journey over the next few weeks on Instagram by clicking here.

We’re sharing all the behind the scenes!

I’ll be sure to update you as soon as we make our decision too. 🙂

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