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Why Undercharging Means you Don’t Love Yourself Enough



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 One of the biggest challenges I see for female entrepreneurs is how much to charge for their services.

I get it — there isn’t a set answer for that question. It involves energy, evaluating your market and a lot of money mindset work.

The biggest awareness I had this year around sales due to my own experience as well as observing my clients, is that sales has everything to do with self-love as well.

In fact, when you lower your prices and don’t charge what the item you’re selling is worth — it’s actually a sign that you have some self-love work to do.

Let me share a story that will illustrate this…

Recently, I was talking to a client about her schedule. She was bogged down with 1:1 clients and really wanted to scale her business to offer many services. In addition to that, she was charging too little for what she was offering.

We discussed shifting her model, but in the meantime, raising her prices.

She said she was too scared. She didn’t think people would pay for her services.

I had to ask…

How much longer are you going to put yourself through this?
How much longer are you going to put your health in jeopardy?
How much longer are you going to play small?
How much longer are you going to be disempowered when it comes to sales?
How much longer are you not going to trust what’s possible and meant for you?

Because I was over it. I wanted more for her…

These are difficult (but important) questions to answer, Lovely.

Are you putting yourself last or behind your clients?

Just so you’re aware, by doing that, you’re not helping your clients at all.

In fact, you not being at your best, not being fully financially supported means they don’t get the best of you. It means that they aren’t getting you fully in your power. You aren’t 100% there for them because you’re stretched too thin.

Do you see how nobody wins when you undercharge? When you’re not financially supported?

I’m really passionate about this for you, Lovely.

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