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I help you stop making excuses, transform your mindset to match your big vision and ultimately create your dream life.

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Let me ask you (and I genuinely want to know)…
How has your business been doing since the pandemic started?
Maybe when COVID-19 hit you suddenly realized – like the IHML team did – that things were not going to be the same in your business.
I know for us, we had three live events planned and realized very quickly that they probably weren’t going to happen.
We had to pivot and figure out another way to support our clients in making huge shifts and getting big results. Because, well, that’s just what we do.
Our goal is always to meet each of you where you’re at and help motivate and inspire you to reach your dreams (or a life better than your dreams.)
So, we decided to first start with our I Heart Money event and turn it into a virtual workshop.
Now, lo and behold, this became one of the best things that could have ever happened!
We found that our students, our community, and all of us on the team actually loved hosting virtual workshops.
At this point, we’ve now hosted four or five more with no plans to stop anytime soon.
What we discovered was that this sort of structure and methodology actually worked to…
Sell nearly every single course and program that we have.
Build up our community.
Help us understand who is actually ready to move forward, who wants to buy, and who was that hot lead.
Give our students and our attendees a glimpse into what it actually looks like to work with us at IHML and be personally coached by me.
All in all, it was a huge success!
So much so that I recently recorded a webinar to teach you how to create your own six-figure virtual workshop… because I have a sneaking suspicion that it will also be a wild success for your business, too.
In the webinar, I share IHML’s three part methodology that you can absolutely take and apply in your own business.
You can hit play on the whole thing now, but here’s a quick sneak peek into the 3 parts of our framework that you’ll hear about…
  1. Choosing your webinar topic.
  2. Planning for your event.
  3. Executing your event.
Now that you’ve gotten a taste, grab your favorite pen, your cutest pj pants, a glass of bubbly, and hunker down to listen in and learn all of our team’s tips and tricks for hosting your very own 6-Figure Virtual Workshop.
All my love,

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Hi, I'm Emily

Hi, I'm Emily Williams, and according to my clients, fairy godmother of making your dreams come true.

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