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What Spending $600k on Mentors Taught Me



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Since starting my business back in 2014 (a whole 8 years ago) I have invested over $600k in mentors. 


Because whilst we can always make more money, we can’t EVER make more time. Time is a finite resource, whereas money is an INFINITE one… and so I’d far rather pay someone who knows what I need to teach me than spend hours, days, weeks, months — maybe even years — trying to figure everything out on my own!

Emily and James Williams and Robin Sharma

Now, although $600k may sound like a lot, that investment in my business has been more than worth it. With the support of my mentors, I’ve been able to achieve so many absolutely incredible things – I started my business in 2014, $30,000 in credit card debt, and $90,000 in student loan debt. I had never run a business, coached, marketed my services — you name it — but I learned how to make my dreams a reality. I made $442 in my first month of business—and hit six figures in six months. Within the first 18 months, I hit seven figures — a meteoric rise that would be impressive for anyone, let alone a small-town girl from Ohio. 

The investments I made in my business and the success I saw as a result of them allowed my husband, James, to resign from his design job of 12 years to join me in the business back in 2015, win awards, host events with Kate Spade, get a book deal with Hay House UK, speak on stages all around the world, host my own transformational live events, and more.

Most importantly of all, the investments I made had a positive ripple effect in that they deeply and profoundly impacted the women I worked with, too; the investments I made in mentorship made ME a much better mentor…

…but, I know, by this point, you’re probably dying to know what I actually DID with that half a million, and so in this blog post, I’m going to pull back the curtain on what I spent my money on and why…


$2,000 on a group program that helped me launch my business.

This had thousands of people in it, so although it was super helpful in terms of the content and community, I realized I wanted more direct support from a mentor. (By the way, I remember I did the super-extended payment plan for this because I was pretty broke. It was around $200/month.)

$7,500 on another group program that helped me launch my business. 

This had about 200 people in it, and also included trips around the world. It dramatically opened my eyes to what I wanted in business and life, helped me transform my money mindset, and pushed me out of my comfort zone, all while giving me the tools to grow my company. (My husband lent me his credit card for this.)

Emily with group Program.

$5,000 on a 1:1 coach.

This was within the group coaching container I was a part of. It really helped me accelerate my growth and was the catalyst for me hitting my first $20K month.

$30,000 on a high-level mastermind.

This was essential for me as a new coach because it helped me learn new business and coaching skills to support my clients further. It also included access to a coach in a smaller container so I got more hands-on support and saw transformational coaching first-hand.


$120,000 on a high-level mastermind/1:1 coaching hybrid.

Within this program, I got to be a part of a yet more intimate group — only six people — attend three retreats worldwide and work 1:1 with the coach. It helped me scale to 7-figures… so yes, note that I did NOT do this alone, and you shouldn’t have to either!

Emily with Mastermind.


$30,000 on publicity support.

I hired someone to help me 1:1 with publicity and then got into a group program for this for a bit. This helped me get featured in several articles and land those coveted media opportunities (and put media logos on my website!).

Emily Williams and Selena Soo and friends.

$12,000 on a summit (for James and me both).

This was one of the biggest game-changers for James and me. Not only did we grow personally, but I shared a lot of what I learned with my community and they absolutely loved it. We also met a few of our future mentors through this event and made some incredible business connections. What’s more, we met someone who would come to speak on OUR event stage years later — so never underestimate the power of networking!


$120,000 on a business mastermind (for James and me both).

This was the catalyst for James and me meeting tons of our connections — both personal and professional. These people have not only become peers but great friends. An invaluable experience that, to this day, I’m incredibly grateful I had.

$120,000 on relationship coaching (for James and me both).

Since James and I had never worked together, we hired a coach to help us. This was life-changing in many ways (both personally and as a couple), but I would like to go back and do it again because I was so focused on achieving during this period of time that I didn’t take full advantage of the opportunity to get support with being more in my feminine.


$30,000 on a team-building mastermind.

For a while, we were a part of a mastermind designed to help us build our team. The content and level of support was incredible, but we weren’t really ready for it that year. Or, at least, we thought we weren’t prepared, as we didn’t quite understand how to implement all we’d learned. Of course, we DID apply all of this newfound knowledge later.

$25,000 on a business mastermind.

Again, this was a great experience. We made a lot of connections through this group and met people who are still friends and co-creators to this day. (In fact, I’m having dinner with one of them this weekend!)

Emily and James Williams with Brendon Burchard.


$30,000 on a transformational retreat.

When I returned home after this three-day retreat, my husband said I was like a whole other person. It was a fascinating experience seeing that we had to remain silent for a big portion of the time. We released a lot of family programming and focused on retraining our minds.

$50,000 on mindset coaching.

After the retreat, I continued to work with a mindset coach. It ended up not being a fit, but it was a powerful experience that taught me about speaking my truth. 

$15,000 on a business building VIP day.

This was an amazing experience – it was the catalyst for me selling a 6-figure contract and getting massive clarity on the direction I wanted to take my business in. I also learned a ton about what it takes to be a leader and how to remove emotion from some of my decision-making.


$5100 on a therapist.

I knew that this year for me was all about going within and stepping more into my feminine power. I hired someone who is trusted by a dear (and very successful) colleague of mine. 

$5000 on a nutritionist.

Once again, I wanted to focus on the internal as I know that that creates external shifts. I hired a well-know expert in this field (a famous celebrity nutritionist to be exact!) to support me in this.

And that’s everything to date!

It’s undeniable that mentorship and success are positively correlated. 71% of Fortune 500 companies have long-standing mentoring programs, and 97% of those with a mentor say they find them to be valuable. 

My mentors have been an incredible asset to my business, and not just because they had the knowledge that I was seeking, as I mentioned earlier, but because, having had direct experience building businesses with similar models to mine, or solving problems I was trying to, they knew the ups, downs, twists and turns that lay on the road ahead of me, and could prepare me for what was coming.

(That’s not to say I haven’t hit a few potholes in the last eight years — of course not — but there were for sure situations I was able to avoid with their expert guidance and direction.)

What’s more, my mentors have been able to support me in making difficult decisions quickly, to navigate challenges I faced, AND broaden my perspective — I’ve lost count of the number of times a mentor has been able to see a blind spot.

One of the biggest things that stands out to me, however, about the mentors I have personally worked with, is the leg up they gave me when it came to my network. I’ve accessed so many incredible opportunities through the entrepreneurs I’ve met in high-level masterminds that I wouldn’t have been able to (as quickly or easily) otherwise, which is why, even though I’m $600k down, I’m going to KEEP investing in my business for as long as it’s in operation!

Now, if reading this post has interested you in investing in YOUR business, you should know I’m accepting applications for VIP Days.

The first two (one group, one 1:1) are THIS MONTH in Austin, Texas, and we have some others scheduled in April (Napa Valley, California), June (once again, in Austin, Texas), and July (in London, England)!

And if you want more than just one day, I also have a month of coaching available as well as ONE SPOT for a longer-term commitment. 

>>>CLICK HERE to learn more and apply to work with James and me — in person in a luxury location — on your business.

With my mentorship, you will…

  • Be reminded of what’s possible and just how many opportunities are available.
  • Remove your fears and doubts and shift instantaneously into unshakeable self-confidence and belief.
  • See:
    • Where you’re leaving money on the table
    • The steps you need to take to get to your desired destination
    • How to think to get the results you want
    • What team members you need to hire
    • What systems and processes you need to onboard and train them
    • And how you can spend less time doing what you hate and more time designing a life you love

Please note: Spaces are extremely limited to make sure we’re able to serve you to the best of our abilities. Be sure to act fast, so you don’t lose your chance.

Click here to book your spot before they all sell out, Lovely!

I’d be honored to mentor you.

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