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What is Holistic Success and Why It Should Matter To You



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Do you wish to cultivate a lifestyle that nurtures AND sustains your Whole self? You’re surely not the only one. So many people are beginning to reassess how they want to achieve everything and anything they desire without depleting their energy. But now more than ever, we are being encouraged to embrace our multi-faceted, multi-passionate selves.

If you crave a life of balance, you have to provide each part of you with the love and respect it deserves!

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of it all, balancing work with life and everything in between. But with the recent revolution of online business it’s giving us the insightful opportunity to redefine success to OUR standards. Not only are we being implored to reevaluate how we promote our authentic selves but look at our entire beings rather than the sum of its parts.

… this is why, in this blog post, I’m going to be unpacking the key definition of Holistic Success, its integral factors, how you can best serve them, and what you can do to redefine your success to your standards for ultimate alignment in ALL areas of life!

Let’s dive in…

What is Holistic Success?

Throughout my journey as a 7-figure founder, I’ve come to appreciate the art of balance. The purest purpose of my work is not to shun any parts of myself from the passionate inspiration it deserves to experience- and encourage other women to do the same. Which is why I believe we must strive for a more comprehensive model of abundance and prosperity in our lives. 

Holistic approaches require us to be fully present, recognizing AND validating the tiny moving parts within us that enrich our entire being. There is a purpose to our physical, mental, spiritual, and entrepreneurial personas- and they hold so much power when given the space and time to collaborate. 

Holistic Success encompasses the purposeful development of the ENTIRE self. Goals are created not just to respect and validate one piece of our person, but all of them.

As someone who’s spent much of her career navigating REAL balance, I’ve learned what it means to be my Whole self. And more importantly, why it’s important! There are still times I experience frustration— I’m only human, after all! But now that I’ve re-energized my idea of success, the decisions I make each day come from a much more empowered space deep within.

Think of your Whole Self like the human body; a powerful force composed of other intricate systems. There’s the skeletal system, nervous system, respiratory system, muscular system, and so on. ALL of those systems, one way or another, interact with the others to formulate advanced machinations that allow your body to perform incredible tasks without a second thought. If it weren’t for half the structures in your body, you would be unable to sustain your daily life.

When one internal system isn’t being cared for like the rest, its efficiency diminishes over time. Eventually, it’ll have a strong toll on how the others perform as well, weakening the ecosystem that thrives in your being.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking: How can they ALL prosper without taking precious energy from each other?

The momentous (yet exhilarating) truth is that you can’t just focus on ONE core system. To show up and perform as your fully authentic self, you must articulate the needs that must be satisfied for each part of you.

Focus is fuel for success, but only if you know how to use it right…

I want you to experience the breadth of your potential, but that requires you to connect deeper with all the elements comprising who you are so you can become who you want to be.

Holistic, as defined by theories of philosophy in the Oxford dictionary, is “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”

Simply put: you have to consider the ENTIRE entity to fully understand its capacity. To best support your desires and goals, you cannot neglect any factor or your life you think doesn’t deserve as much attention as the others. Because the truth of the matter is: they’re all deeply intertwined one way or another. I’m sure we’ve all heard it before; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the early phases of my business, I was so focused on showing up each day with the same motivation as days prior. That meant creating, recreating, revising, and reflecting on the core of my mission. I knew I was operating from a space of unwavering motivation to show other women they could create the life they dreamed of- and it’s certainly not changed. 

But over the last eight years, as I’m sure many of you have read and seen, I’ve made decisions to further my brand by taking a step back! Rebranding my work was inspired by a space of kindred connection to the audience I’ve been communicating with all this time. 

To me, that means addressing and validating every part of their unique identity that influences their drive to achieve success. We are all complexly designed individuals, and although we don’t have the same exact aspirations for life, we have similarly fashioned factors that’ll govern how we achieve them.

Let me explain…

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The Parts of Holistic Success

1. Personal 

Your career and its success do not entirely define you. In fact, that’s only ONE of many containers that hold your inspiration! I’m sure you enjoy making time for other sources of passion that go beyond the paycheck or business model.

  • Seeing and enjoying your loved ones (who truly love your presence, too)
  • Trying new hobbies or feeding your passion projects (because we ALL have them)
  • Creating time for yourself (because we could all benefit from a little “me” time)

There are so many other outlets we want to use in our time, but I list those as the main branches of personal endeavors. I believe all of us want to experience encounters that light us up, fill us with love, and remind us that we are beings who crave (and are worthy of) connection. It’s undeniably fair to yearn for them beyond the work we perform each day that supports our lifestyles.

Our personal selves don’t all look the same, but are deeply programmed into our wholeness. That doesn’t mean we only exist alone, or explicitly see the same group of friends, even finish one singular personal project. It’s really about using that intimate time to explore those avenues that harbor vivacity, liveliness, relevance, and so much more.

2. Professional

Driven women like you use your desire for visibility as fuel. And rightfully so, you are a source of inspiration! Only WE can access the real superpowers of combining womanhood and entrepreneurship. Not only does your work resonate with other women, but it reflects the parts of you needing the very validation you’re voicing.

Historically, we’ve been repeatedly conditioned to believe that our power is not something to be noticed. And now is a more perfect time than ever to showcase that breadth of potential in a way we haven’t been allowed to, before.

Simply being a woman entrepreneur, or aspiring to become one, denotes any lacking faith that we are just capable of being leaders able to create meaningful impact— and that is worthy of our energy in itself.

Here are the reminders that I knew I needed when starting my entrepreneurial journey.

  1. You are just as capable of creating positive change and inspiring the world as anyone else is. In fact, given the track record of the deeply ingrained setbacks women face, you are more than qualified to pioneer the world.
  2. There is no such thing as a perfect person, especially the perfect woman. It’s important you don’t let the pressure of previously conceived stereotypes get in the way of you creating from a space of authenticity.

The truth is, every woman is capable of leading humanity to learn something worthwhile. You have to believe in your heart, mind, and soul that you have gifts worthy of the world’s attention — and more importantly, your own.

This is a woman’s world, too- so claim your spot in it!

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3. Physical

How we treat our minds and souls manifests in our body’s reactions. It’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm or stresses of life, pushing aside our basic needs to focus on what’s pressing us to push forward. Evidently, that proves more harmful than we may realize.

I’ve previously been very candid on this blog about the effects of my own stresses that manifested as anxiety, upset, appetite fluctuations, even back pain. It’s proven to me that my body is the catalyst for varying responses to what happens in life and business. This correlation has instigated this ongoing thought as to how I can not only better treat my body, but how it communicates to me regarding other needs. 

So let me ask: do you listen to YOUR body? If so, what does it tell you?

Letting myself relax and rejuvenate is still an ongoing journey for me, but it’s one I’ve grown to appreciate more than before. I think it’s imperative we use our physical sensations to guide us towards making more intuitive decisions that bridge the gap between different parts of our Whole selves.

  • Are you resting when your body feels tired or fatigued? 
  • Are you pushing off meals for the sake of completing a job?
  • Are you disregarding your morning routine just to jump into the day’s tasks?
  • Are you desperately trying to tackle everything in a day out of fear that you’ll face consequences or criticism if you don’t?

What would be possible for your life if you used your body’s responses as a resource? How would your ability to make aligned decisions alter, knowing you are just capable of everything you desire even when you don’t perfectly execute whatever you’re facing? Would your self-worth drastically change if you gave yourself the space to be human? 

Because that’s who you are first- a human. And as a human being, you have essential necessities that need to be listened to, otherwise they get in the way of you showing up fully present and energized. So don’t be afraid to be kind to yourself first and foremost!

4. Mental

I’ve heard countless times my clients tell me they’re experiencing setbacks in their success journey, without awareness of the root cause. Usually when we are looking for answers outside of ourselves, or lacking clarity as to where we should be reflecting… chances are it has greatly to do with something repressed within.  

Our ego has this profound capability to divert us from our destined path by placing limitations in the way- and sometimes mistaking them as “excuses”. It’s human design to naturally crave familiarity, and when that instinct is challenged we involuntarily sabotage any opportunity to prove ourselves wrong. 

There is a reason why mindset has become the hub of the personal development AND entrepreneurship movement. It’s because how we perceive ourselves, our values, and the world around us all begins with us, specifically our energetic blueprint.

  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • Or what if it does? Because that’s just as terrifying, wouldn’t you agree?
  • What if no one wants to invest in your services, or buy your products?
  • What if you become so unbelievably successful in whatever you aspire to do, and take on a whole new way of life it transcends everything you’ve ever believed about life, business, and money?

I’ve had countless encounters with the detrimental powers of limiting beliefs.

I cannot stress this enough, we all deserve the opportunity to pursue our wildest dreams, create a life that defies our wildest dreams, and align our values with the everyday actions we take to embody what it means to be our Whole selves.

What does that look like? It can take on MANY faces and fashions…

Starting our day with a word of intention, to keep us on track. Journaling our inner thoughts and feelings, so we cease to hold them in. Grounding our physical selves in nature or a sacred space because it’s easy to get engrossed in life’s havoc. Talking to our mentors or coaches and receiving the wisdom and guidance to persevere. There are so many ways we nurture the very fabric of our mental well being, but it’s important that we devote effort into finding what works best for us.

At what point do we settle the battle of our heads and hearts, and teach them to coexist? When do we accept the reality that our dreams are entirely at our disposal?

Taking inspired action means creating room to grow into what we desire most.

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  • Are you content with the revenue you’re earning through your business?
  • And are you satisfied with the money flowing into your accounts?
  • Does your income support the luxury lifestyle you crave to live?
  • ​Are you able to pay any bill or buy anything you want with ease?
  • ​Can you easily and effortlessly make the most empowered decisions for your life, business, and ideal form of success?
  • ​Do you have the support you’re craving, in your business (with a dream team) or at home (for example from a nanny or a housekeeper?)
  • ​Are you living a life based on your desires or are you constantly saying “I’d love to but…”

If you answered no to any and all of these questions, then I have a gut feeling you’re operating from a space of scarcity and fear, which means you need to release those inhibitions and rewrite the stories prohibiting you from executing more…

Luckily, I’ve got just the thing to support you with that…

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