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As you may know, my husband, James, was able to leave his 9-5 job in the design world to join me as a coach within I Heart My Life earlier this year.

Recently, James joined a Mastermind group of fellow entrepreneurial men who meet regularly to discuss their goals and hold one another accountable. (Occasionally, I think they talk about their wives too…!)

A few weeks ago, I heard him talking to this group about everything I’d done this year and how I was able to build I Heart My Life from nothing in a short amount of time.

(Truth be told, he was bragging about me a little bit!)

I heard him telling them that in 2015 we’d…

Launched four live group programs (working with over 180 women from around the world)

Sold our first infoproduct to over 200 women around the world

Relaunched our website

Launched a Membership Site

Filmed our first professional video series

Moved into our dream apartment in London

Travelled to Australia, Bali, France, Italy, and the US

And made nearly 7-figures in sales

As I was in the other room eavesdropping on this conversation, it hit me that that list was pretty impressive.

If I heard that someone else had done all of those things, I’d be blown away.

So why wasn’t I blown away by myself?! (More on that in a second.)

It also occurred to me that I didn’t set out to do all of those things this year.

My original goal was to work with one on one clients, get fully booked, and make 6-figures before my 30th birthday, but instead I made nearly 1 million in sales.

Almost 7-figures in my first full year in business. #grateful

As I reflect on that story, there are two things that this experience taught me that I want to share with you today:

If you believe in your dreams and take action, it’s possible to far exceed them. We don’t really know what we’re capable of when we’re just starting out. The mind only takes us so far. Not to get too technical on you, but our mind pulls from past experiences in order to plan for the future, and as we all know, our past doesn’t dictate our future. For that reason, our mind thinking about and planning for the future only takes us so far. We’re capable of so much more!

As women, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Although I’m pretty good at celebrating achievements, and I know that’s part of attracting more success, there are still accomplishments I haven’t acknowledged. After hearing that call and feeling what I felt, I knew that that needed to change. Maybe you feel the same. Maybe it’s time for you to celebrate YOU and what you’ve done this year, big and small. I’d encourage you to do so starting today.

So today, my hope for you is to keep dreaming big and taking massive action. Believe your life can turn out better than your dreams.

It’s time for all of us to acknowledge our brilliance, what we’ve done this year and truly celebrate it.

You are extraordinary, lovely. Believe it.

Looking forward to speaking to you again soon.

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