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We’re Celebrating My Top Favorite Episodes from the Past 100



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We have reached 100 episodes! In honor of all of our amazing guests and the wisdom and value that they’ve shared over the course of this last year, I wanted to share my favorite episodes so far.

“There’s so much power in consistency. Dabblers get “dabbling” results. Keep moving forward.”

-Emily Williams

I had to choose just a few or this episode would have been hours long and I can’t tell you how difficult it was to pick my favorites. That being said, I chose some of the most impactful stories that have been shared from several amazing individuals. 

Listen to these recaps from our episodes with Dr. James Rouse, Brendon Burchard, Philip McKernan, Luciana Naldi, Michael Roderick, Dr. Kimberly Pendleton, Tara Zirker, James Williams, and David Neagle. 

We’ve linked all of their original episodes below, but we chose clips and pieces of their stories that represent triumph over struggle and pushing through the hardships. I hope that you get to re-experience the inspiration and wisdom that these wonderful humans had to share. 

If this is your first time hearing some of these clips, listen to the full episodes linked below!

In this Episode: 

[00:23] Hear a quick breakdown of the episode and the shows that are being highlighted.

[04:31] Dr. James Rouse shared his thoughts on kindness, love, and creating movements. 

[06:03] James interviewed his mentor Brendon Burchard. Listen to this clip about making huge changes in your life.

[13:02] Philip McKernan shared how changing his mindset changed his life.

[18:06] Turning obstacles into opportunities is possible. Luciana Naldi showed us how.

[30:33] You learned how to get over your addiction to giving and ask for what you want with Michael Roderick.

[38:42] Dr. Kimberly Pendleton took us on a journey of discovery to understand what it means to experience pleasure.

[48:00] You learned the power of following your heart with Tara Zirker.

[53:08] James and I took you behind the scenes of our move to LA from London.

[58:19] David Neagle came on to teach you how to turn your yearly income into your monthly income. 

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“There’s so much power in consistency. Dabblers get “dabbling” results. Keep moving forward.” – Emily Williams

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