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I help you stop making excuses, transform your mindset to match your big vision and ultimately create your dream life.

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Do you wish you could brand your business more authentically but aren’t sure where to start? Do you feel trapped in your 9-5 but don’t know how to create a career that you love? Do you know you’re meant to deliver your message to the world but you don’t know how to? If so, then today’s episode is for you! In this episode of the IHML Show, we are chatting with Jason Van Orden, a business and brand strategist to thought leaders. Jason helps people reach larger audiences with their ideas, create new income streams from their expertise and build business models that align with their goals. Tune in to today’s episode to find out how he helps more visionaries with impactful ideas, reach the people they serve the best and the problems they are uniquely positioned to solve.

During this episode, you’ll learn how Jason draws from 13 years of researching top influencers as well as personal guidance gained by launching over 60 online courses. You’ll also find out why it’s so important to become your authentic self in order to be seen as a true thought leader. Hint: You go bigger by owning the “niche of you.”

During this episode we’re going to cover…

  • How focusing on your true purpose in life is the best form of marketing for your business
  • Why giving up his seemingly stable 9-5 in the engineering world was the best decision he ever made
  • How reflecting on a specific set of important questions made him realize he wanted more for his life (and his career)
  • Why you need people in your life to step up and ask you the hard questions when you’re in a slump
  • How following his curiosity was vital to living the life he loves
  • How he creates the most value for his clients (hint: it has to do with finding their clarity)

One of my favorite quotes from this episode is this:

“I think about my energy a lot. Not just from you know, eating food and exercising. But also like what feeds my creative energy and I work really hard to actually protect and fuel my creative energy. Because it’s so valuable to me and what I do and not only making money, but just feeling fulfilled in the world. And there’s a lot of great information out there about energy management and I have been learning a lot more there and then I finally realized like the biggest thing that I’ve been doing is there’s like these identity pieces that I’ve had to dig into and some of them I’ve had, I don’t want to say change. Because I think they were there. I was just kind of like unwavering and unblocking them and I realized that in some ways I was having some, a lot of shame that was kind of locked around some parts of who I was. Because the way that I naturally wanted to operate as a creative.” – Jason Van Orden


Jason helps thought leaders to reach a larger audience with their ideas, create new income streams from their expertise, and build business models that align with their goals. As a consultant, trainer, and strategist, he draws from thirteen years of researching top Internet influencers as well as personal experience gained by launching over 60 online courses, teaching more than 7000 entrepreneurs, and generating 6 million dollars in online course sales, and 8 million downloads of his podcast. His mission is to help more visionaries with impactful ideas to reach the people they serve best and the problems they are uniquely positioned to solve.



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Hi, I'm Emily Williams, and according to my clients, fairy godmother of making your dreams come true.

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