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Money mindset. What comes to mind for you when you read those words?

Perhaps you find them triggering, as you know you’ve still got a ton of work to do when it comes to freeing yourself from the stories you learned when you were young? Perhaps it sends your head spinning, as you become overwhelmed just thinking about the sea of advice that’s out there and how much you’ve yet to figure out? Or perhaps it makes you feel curious, because although you have successfully manifested money in the past, you want to know what you need to do to break through to the next bracket?

Whatever money mindset brings up for you, this blog post will help you immensely. In it, I’m going to be sharing a bunch of ways in which you can learn about money mindset from me for free. Because it’s important to me that as many people as possible have access to the tools that will help them totally transform their lives and achieve financial freedom.

The truth is, no matter where you’re at in business right now, money mindset should be a priority. It’s not something that you ‘attain’ or ‘achieve’ and don’t have to think about again, it’s something that requires ongoing effort and commitment. Yes—the bad news is that your money mindset work is never done.

But the good news is that this means you are limitless. The possibilities are endless. There is no end to the amount of money you can make if only you continue to prioritize the mindset work.

This is, of course, a huge part of what I teach people inside of my 1:1 coaching container and through my courses. But I also offer up free advice and guidance on a number of different platforms, so today I thought I’d curate some of my favorite resources and share them with you. 

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But first…

Did you know that aside from coaching and courses, I also have a number of super accessible and affordable products to help you build the business of your dreams? Such as:

Money Meditation

A powerful 22-minute money meditation—the same one I use to transform my mindset when I need to uplevel!

Money Mindset Screensavers

You receive 31 desktop and 31 phone screensavers to choose from and rotate as you desire to make sure making more money is always front of mind. 

Scared or Rich Training

Learn how to start manifesting your dreams and desires in your life today with this exclusive 50-minute training.

These 3 are perfect for you if you’re looking to get serious about money and mindset and are able to make a small investment. But even if you don’t want to spend a thing, I have an extensive list of resources you can use to rewire the way you think about money and open yourself up to receiving so much more of it… without spending any at all!

If you want to make use of my free resources to makeover your money mindset and make more money than ever before—here’s what I suggest:

Access tons of free advice on my blogs…

Some of the comprehensive resources I have when it comes to money mindset are my blogs. I write for both my personal blog and our I Heart My Life Blog, and even have contributing writers on the latter. As money and mindset are two pillars that underpin both of my businesses, you can bet that there’s a lot to read—I’ve covered everything from the science behind mindset work, right through to simple step-by-steps you can follow today to start making more money right away. For the purposes of this post, I thought I’d share 4 of my personal favorites to get you going. But once you’ve caught up on these must-reads, do be sure to head over to both the blogs to find the other money mindset posts—they’re well worth reading!

1. Forget What You’ve Heard About Money and Happiness

I’m willing to bet that every single one of us has, at one point or another, heard the phrase: “money doesn’t buy happiness”. In fact, it’s one of the most common money blocks out there—holding millions of women back from receiving the abundance they desire and deserve. I remember hearing it all the way back in kindergarten, and it’s stuck with me since!

Of course, we all know that we need money in order to address our most pressing needs and priorities—to feel stable, sheltered, and secure, and to put clothes on our backs and food on the table. But surviving isn’t the same thing as thriving—so where does the happiness piece come in?

Here’s my controversial take on the matter: money can buy both happiness and unhappiness. And it all comes down to how well we know ourselves, how we manage our wealth, and whether or not we’ve taken the time to consider what happiness means to us.

The truth is, most people walk through life not knowing what would make them happy. They base their definition on past experiences and external measures of success rather than giving themselves permission to think outside the box and let their dreams roam free. So when wealth enters their lives, they end up either pushing it away or not knowing what to do with it—and believe money to be the source of their dissatisfaction. But that’s not the case at all.

In this post, I’m going to show you that it’s possible to use money as a tool for improving your wellbeing, no matter your income level. I’ll also share a few journaling prompts that will help you to define happiness on your own terms, so that you can connect with the deeper purpose behind your money goals—and use that purpose to fuel you on your path to financial freedom.

2. What Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Taught Me About Money Mindset

If I’ve learned anything over the last 7 years of money mindset work, it’s that life-changing lessons often come from the most unexpected of places. One time when I happened to be scrolling through People.com reading all of the celebrity articles, I came across an update about Kelly Clarkson’s divorce to Brandon Blackstock. The article that caught my attention had a byline saying, “On July 27 a judge ordered Kelly Clarkson to pay her estranged husband Brandon Blackstock nearly $200,000 a month in spousal and child support”. Since anything to do with money catches my attention, I started to read.

As I scrolled, I learned that in actuality, when they first got divorced, he requested $436,000 per month ($301,000 in spousal support and $135,000 in child support). That number definitely caught my eye, and I immediately found myself going into judgment mode. “What could he possibly need with $436,000 a month?” I questioned. That’s a lot of money to spend every single month—especially compared to median monthly incomes around the world. And I’ll admit it, I judged him for it. 

But one of the concepts I teach my students and clients is that whatever we judge, we block. I’ve been doing this money mindset work and retraining my brain for the last seven years, so I was able to observe myself going into judgment in a simple situation like this. And I knew I wanted to transform that judgment—first into curiosity, and then into acceptance and openness. In this blog post I share the exact exercise I guided myself through to do just that—and I believe this will be a powerful practice for you to adopt!

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3. The Neuroscience of Money Mindset: What to Know

Is your mindset blocking you from making the kind of money you desire? Have you always dreamed of building a business that allows you to live a life of luxury, filled with all of the finer things? And, despite your hopes and wishes, do you have a niggling feeling you can’t seem to escape that tells you it’s just not possible for you, or that you don’t deserve it?

The good news is that you can liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and break through the income barriers, if you’re willing to do the necessary work on your mindset. It goes without saying that in order to change the mind, we must first learn how the brain works… so in this post, I get a little geeky and talk neuroscience. Contrary to what many people think, the human brain doesn’t stop developing after childhood. It’s true that fluid intelligence (related to problem-solving) begins to decrease, while crystallized intelligence (related to facts and experiences) continues to increase. Nonetheless, throughout your whole life, your brain is constantly evolving and changing; knowledge can be adopted, and your mindset can be adapted and improved through learning and retraining.

In this blog post, I explain the difference between a fixed and growth mindset (as defined by psychologist Carol Dweck), and share some crucial advice you can use to uplevel your wealth generation. It also features some specific (and super interesting!) examples from award-winning Neurolinguist Dr Vanessa McIntosh. If you want to dive deep into the science of your money mindset work, this blog is for you!

4. 3 Ways to Manifest Money in 2022

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is how to manifest money. Manifestation is a pretty hot topic right now, and has been since the popularization of Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 book and film, The Secret… but believe it or not, this isn’t a new concept. People have been philosophizing about working with the laws of the Universe to attract prosperity for years. 

Nowadays, you’ll find books on manifestation in almost every shop you pass, as well as Facebook and Instagram posts, podcast episodes and YouTube videos at every corner of the internet. But—despite all of the information that’s readily available, not everyone is able to get the law of attraction to work… which is why I’ve put together this blog post sharing my 3 top tips for manifesting money in 2022, as it’s these very techniques that most people miss.

Whether you’re looking to generate more revenue in your business, increase your income at work or even access abundance through another, more unexpected means, like through an investment you’ve forgotten you’d paid or winning a prize from a competition you’ve entered you’ll benefit enormously from what I share.

5. 10 Journal Prompts to Transform Your Money Mindset

We all have a money story. It’s how we were taught to think and feel about money by our parents, the culture we grew up in, the media that we consumed, and so on and so forth. The foundations for how you feel, think, and believe money works are set by the time that you’re seven years old. For many of us, that means that we interact with, adhere to, and limit ourselves in the ways that money works based on the ideas that we were exposed to in those early years of life. The powerful truth here is that the money story that we’ve been telling ourselves, and the money mindset that we’ve adopted, can be challenged and changed, but first we have to really make the story that we’re telling ourselves conscious. 

In this post, our contributing writer Evelyn introduces you to 10 journal prompts that will help you truly recognize your money story and allow you to begin transforming your money mindset. This is a great place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

Woman writing in notebook.

Listen and learn through the I Heart My Life Show…

Prefer to listen than read? My podcast is another great place to get guidance when it comes to money mindset work (and so much more!). Here you’ll learn from some of the best in the personal development business; world-renowned mentors and teachers who are here to share their wisdom so that you can see the same success that they have. So far we’ve recorded over 230+ episodes and have had over 100k+ downloads, sp if you haven’t listened yet, you have some catching up to do—but don’t worry, the beauty of the podcast is that you can listen whenever, wherever! Below I’ve selected 3 episodes I believe everyone should listen to. Dive in!

1. Real Talk About Money Mindset and Breaking Through Money Blocks

Last year I had the chance to sit down with a friend of mine, Tobi Fairley, on IGTV and talk all things money. Tobi and I believe many of the same things about money and the conversation we had was amazing. 

I ask this all the time, but what stories are you telling yourself about money? Now take a moment and think about where that story came from. Is this belief something that rings true for you? Or is it something that you’ve been taught by others in your life?

Those questions are the ones I really want you to consider as you think and talk about money. Tobi and I dive deep into this topic because it is truly an important one. If you are looking to build a business to support the life of your dreams, but believe that successful people are evil or that money will turn you into evil, you will never become successful. 

Tobi was an amazing host for this topic and I know that her audience gained so much from our discussion, but what about you? After you listen, take some time to journal about these questions to see what comes up for you.

2. How to Move Through Scarcity and Reach Your Financial Goals: A Real Life Coaching Session

Has that ever happened to you? You’re absolutely certain about a new career path and you’ve taken the leap and invested in it. And then the doubt creeps in and you start second-guessing everything that you’ve gone through to make it to this point.

It has for me. And when it happened to one of our I Heart Coaching members, Florence Andrews, she reached out and shared her concerns and she agreed to a real-life coaching session. You see, she is not alone in her fears and she’s willing to help someone else by sharing her story!

Listen in as we discuss her fears, how to overcome them, and actionable steps she can take toward making her dreams come true now. We dive into the numbers and find clarity around what she needs to make it through this period of time and how she can make that happen. 

This is a fantastic episode if you’ve been letting fear hold you back. There are ways to put fear on the backburner once you realize that your fears are your mind’s way of keeping you safe. You don’t need to be safe, you need to be bold! Listen to learn more.

3. How to Identify and Transform Your Money Money Blocks

Our Money Mindset Virtual Workshops are truly an experience in transformation. The breakthroughs that we see are amazing and are what make these workshops so impactful. Which is why we wanted to share one of the training sessions that we held at our second I Heart Money Virtual Workshop.

Identifying your money blocks is the first step in understanding what limiting beliefs are holding you back. Before every workshop we ask our registrants to complete a bit of homework and one of the questions we ask is all about where they are feeling those blocks.  We then talk a bit about where our money stories come from and why it is so important that we change them. You see, our money stories become ingrained in us at very early ages. We see how our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents feel and act toward money and we take that on ourselves. But those stories are not our stories. And when we do the work of identifying those money blocks and transforming them through changing our thoughts, incredible things can happen. 

Listen in as I share common money stories and ways you can transform your thoughts as part of one of our I Heart Money Virtual Workshops. Which leads me to my next suggestion…

Tap into the ultimate money mindset resource – The I Heart Money Course…

Ok, you got me—this one’s not free but you CAN use the code IHML to save 15%. But if you’re ready to make real progress in your money mindset work and you want to see changes right now—I’d really recommend taking our I Heart Money Course. This is the course for those who learn what it takes to make more money, transform their relationship with money, and create a wealthy new normal.

I Heart Money is a step-by-step course where you’ll learn how to remove money blocks, make more money and uplevel your life in every way imaginable. Learn how to become your most successful self, attract abundance, and create a life better than your dreams. 

Within this program, you will engage with 8 modules as well as an extensive library of bonus materials and recorded calls designed to increase your wealth and momentum and transform your thoughts and beliefs about money. Each module is filled with life-changing content that will give you the step-by-step guidance you’re craving. This is your opportunity to start living the life of financial freedom you’ve always wanted. This is a must for all driven women—and if you’re able to invest, I encourage you to do so. You will not regret it!

Ok–there we have it. Some of the best (mostly) free resources from myself and the team at Emily Williams and I Heart My Life.

As I’ve said, when it comes to working on your money mindset, the right time is always now—because there is always another level to break through to. This work really is ongoing, and if you make it a part of your regular routine, you’ll be sure to exceed your expectations when it comes to what’s possible for you financially in your business. 

I really hope you enjoy delving into what I’ve shared here, and I’m certain that these pieces will have a profound impact on your mindset and on your money-making!


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