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If you’re thinking about going to the next level now, I want to be perfectly transparent with you, lovely.

When I started my business, I thought that everything was always going to go up and up.

I didn’t realize that sometimes there’s power in leveling off and really taking time to stabilize within your company – my husband described it to me as a business staircase.

Think about it. You were taking it step by step. And there’s a point where you are standing on a flat surface, right?

You’re not always just going up.

And that’s really important for business owners to understand, and to recognize that it’s actually necessary from time to time to have that plateau.

So today, I want to share what it’s going to take for you to understand the signs that you are ready to scale – or if it’s time to embrace the plateau.

#1: You actually want to up-level.

Now that sounds really obvious, but I want you to really think about what you want. And I want you to play the whole tape through and ask yourself – if I up-level this business, what is that going to require of me?

When you lay your head down on the pillow at night, are you going to be satisfied with what it is that you’ve created, or again, is this something you think you should want?

#2: You have fine-tuned your offerings.

Now, this is a mistake that I made in the past. I’m very creative. I love putting new things out into the world. I love serving our customers. And oftentimes that means that I take on too much and I spend too much time in creation mode.

But the truth is, is when things are new or we haven’t yet tested them properly. It’s very hard to scale. You have to have fine-tuned your programs and offerings to get more consistent with them before you decide it’s time to actually up-level and start selling even more with that.

#3: You actually have the capacity to receive more and to go to the next level.

Now, this is one that really trips people up.

Your capacity to receive means that you’ve actually looked at your current team, your current energy level, your current circumstances, basically anything that’s going to be required of you to go to the next level.

You have to be able to recognize that with scaling comes more time, more commitment and more responsibility so it’s important to be honest with yourself to see if you actually have that physical and emotional capacity.

#4: Your mindset.

When you up-level your business, you have to be willing to look at all of the challenges that are definitely going to come up for you and move through them. And one of the exciting things about challenges is that it prepares you for that next level.

I really look at this as preparing myself for what is to come and if you’re not willing to become the next version of yourself mentally, then you’re not going to be able to sustain the next level of success. So really ask yourself, do you have the mental toughness?

Check in with yourself  because this isn’t black and white. Even if you’re not ready for a growth spurt this second, that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be. In fact, what I’ve given you here, these are just simple ways that you can also start to prepare yourself to take your business to the next level.

So remember, you can make a decision to up level with your eyes wide open.

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