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The Sugar Queen Breaks Down How You Can Manifest Your Desires with Lina Kennedy



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Here at the I Heart My Life Community, we are biiiig on desire (as you might have noticed from all the episodes we’ve had about the subject).

And for a good reason!

“The easiest thing you can do to grow a business is this: Communicate clearly. You want people to understand you? Say it straight.” – Lina Kennedy  

Being able to get everything you desire in life is a skill, and I want aaaaall of us to be able to learn and master that skill.

You see, manifesting your desires doesn’t have to be difficult (or impossible, like a lot of naysayers would tell you). (Action is key!)

It can be done, as long as you follow the right steps and do the work needed.

A great example of this is today’s guest on the I Heart My Life podcast, the brilliant, beautiful Lina Kennedy.

Lina (also known as the Sugar Queen) is a storyteller, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a teacher, a successful business owner, and an all in all super woman with decades of business experience.

She is also the founder and president of Alexandria Professional, the global leader and authority in body sugaring hair removal systems.

Today, Lina and I will be going all in and talking about manifesting your desires, how she built her super successful dream business, the importance of staying positive and consistent in life, and more.

Are you ready? Because I am!

All right, let’s dive in.

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:00] Lina shares her story and how she became the successful woman she is today
  • [08:21] Marry a millionaire? No, I’ll become one instead!
  • [17:54] Lina shares how she learned to grow her business
  • [20:41] Some business from the Sugar Queen herself
  • [25:44] Lina shares the financial challenges she faced during her journey
  • [35:34] Let’s learn more about Lina’s book


“When you say ‘I’m grateful for the joy, abundance, and love that finds me today. I’m open, I receive, I’m ready.’ Those three things can change your life on a daily basis.” – Lina Kennedy

“I’m all about moving on. That’s probably one of the biggest gifts I was given to myself is just to move on. And so the opposite of that would be to remain stuck. I don’t believe in that. At all. There is always a solution. It’s whether or not you’re brave enough, or fearless enough, because fear is what stops so many people from taking that first step forward or away.” – Lina Kennedy

“I love life. Every day I wake up, I’m so grateful.” – Lina Kennedy

“I wish I could take away the fear from people. You shouldn’t fear trying something different, trying something for yourself against whatever people believe.” – Lina Kennedy

“Women, please, if there’s one thing you could do for yourself in this one lifetime, in this one journey we have here, it’s to look to make yourself happy. Don’t look for a man to make you happy.” – Lina Kennedy

“The easiest thing you can do to grow a business is this: Communicate clearly. You want people to understand you? Say it straight.” – Lina Kennedy  

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