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Happy Monday and welcome to May!

Yesterday I spent some time on my own personal development (yes, that work never ends!) and listened to the lovely Marie Forleo’s newest training “How to Get Anything You Want” (which can be found on her website).

I loved it so much that I had to share one of the concepts with you today…

In the training, Marie speaks about how one of the keys to getting everything you want is to make sure that in your mind, it’s not even an option to NOT get what you want.

She explains that the Latin root of “to decide” is “to cut off”.

Meaning, “the real decision is made when you cut yourself off from any other possibility than what you’ve committed to”.

In other words, when you make a decision, you don’t let your mind even entertain the possibility of it not happening.

As James would say…


Super powerful, right?

Although I’ve heard of this concept before, it sunk in once again yesterday – especially the part about “to decide”.

Later on in the training, Marie also says that we often “confuse a clear committed decision with a wish”.

I wish I could make more money…

I wish I had a sold out program…

I wish I could write that best-selling book…

But the wish doesn’t actually get us anywhere without commitment to back it up.

Ring a bell?

As I was building my business, there were quite a few things that I made absolutely non-negotiable as I was picking up momentum.

The amount of spots filled in my first group program, monthly monetary goals, and certain life desires to name a few.

Cutting off the chance of something not happening was one of the keys to creating a life and biz better than my dreams.

(Please note, “how” everything happens can still remain a surprise and often is to a certain extent!)

Take a look at your own journey for a second…

We’re already in Month 5 of 2016.

What “decisions” did you make at the beginning of January that you’ve yet to follow through with?

What did you tell yourself you were committed to that has yet to happen?

What have you been “wishing for” that has yet manifest in your life or business?

One of the most difficult things about the work I do is seeing the lack of commitment.

We get email after email from women who say they want to run a successful business and change their life, yet they never take action. I’ve had people email me launch after launch saying they’re going to sign up and move forward with their dreams, yet they never do.

And if that’s you, know that I still love you, but I also want more for you, so take a real and honest look at how you’re showing up today.

This isn’t about making yourself wrong, by the way; it’s about recognizing where you need to be more fierce and committed to your goals and dreams in order to reach them.

The truth is, with every new day, you have another chance to commit, Lovely, and that’s a great thing!

Trust me, I know it’s scary. I know you want a guarantee, and I wish I could give you one.

But if you commit to what you want – really 100000% commit to it, you’re far more likely to achieve it than if you dabble for the next few years.

Trust me, no one ever did anything great by dabbling; that’s one thing I can guarantee.

So go for it. Commit to it. Decide that there’s no way that this dream won’t happen. It’s on its way. It’s meant for you.

I believe in you, Lovely!

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