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The Importance of the Impression of Increase



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Over the years, I’ve had a lot of clients come to me frustrated and confused when things aren’t working for them despite implementing the right strategies and following the latest marketing trends. I found myself thinking about all those clients and I realized that so many people are missing an imperative piece of the puzzle.

Many of us are raised to be grateful for what we have instead of always wanting more, but the truth is, we shouldn’t feel guilty for our desire for more. 

Here’s why… 

It’s human nature to want more. It’s not something we should feel ashamed of, but rather something we should use to inspire ourselves and others. 

Desire is literally just the urge for more life and a sign of aspiration. So, I want you to fully embrace your desires. 

To help you do so, I want to highlight some key takeaways from a concept called the Impression of Increase… 

Desire and gratitude are not mutually exclusive. Wanting more isn’t an indicator of unhappiness. You can be grateful for the present moment while still desiring more. Now, I love luxury things. (And yes, I say that free of guilt.) I’ve learned that when I don’t surround myself with beautiful things, it hinders my creativity, inspiration, and energy. It simply feels misaligned. 

It’s more than having the luxury items and the 5-star hotels. It’s about stepping into my fullest self. And that’s what I want you to be able to do too because it will open the door to the results you’re craving. Think about what brings you into alignment or sparks your creativity and drive? When do you feel your truest self? How can you bring more of that into your life and business? 

Show up in a way that displays the Impression of Increase. Accepting your desires is essential to living your best life as your truest self. Show up as someone who embraces that desire for more. Live in a way that’s energetically aligned. If you are building a personal brand or selling a product or service, make sure you’re showing up in a way that matches your mission.  

I’m constantly highlighting how I’m living a life better than my dreams because that’s what my business is all about. Take a moment to look at how you’re showing up in life and business. Is it aligned with the life you want to be living or the message you want to be spreading? Does it match the vision in your heart? Really ask yourself, are you showing up as the best version of yourself? If not, what shifts can you make to be more authentic and aligned?

Keep an abundance mindset. An abundance mindset will help open the doors for the Impression of Increase to take root and it all starts with your thoughts. You must keep an unshakeable faith in your ability to live a rich and abundant life. You must believe in your desires. Believe they are meant for you and possible. Let these beliefs inspire, fill and permeate every action you take. 

Ask yourself, what is it going to take for me to feel like I’m headed in the direction of my dreams and desires? It might take some reprogramming of your mind to really adopt these beliefs and live them as your truth, but be patient. This mindset shift can truly change your life and open the doors to abundance and increase. 

Give the thought of increase to others. Sales aside, you can (and should) give off the impression of increase in all of your interactions with others. You can do this through the energy you bring to those moments. Strive to transfer your abundant energy to others because it truly does impact them.

Remember, our thoughts and words have impeccable power. Speak or think about people around you experiencing increase. Just by embracing the impression of increase, we inherently pass it on to others through the powers of inspiration and energetics. 

The bottom line is to be authentically you, and that includes embracing your desire for more. 

With that, I invite you to live an abundant life that is better than your dream. Live fully. Whether you’re taking your first step into doing so, or turning it up a notch, know that you deserve this. 

Before I sign off, I hope you take action to live the impression of increase or give the thought of increase in some way, shape, or form today

P.S. Learn more about The Impression of Increase on this episode of the IHML Show or read Wattles’ book The Science of Getting Rich.
P.P.S. If you’re looking for support as you implement the Impression of Increase to help grow your business check out the ways we can work together here.

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