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Between operations, team, and metrics, running a business can be hard work.

The good news? You don’t have to do it on your own. 

Hiring team members can feel like a big financial decision, but it’s totally worth the investment. (Trust me.) Aside from the ROI, it allows you to spend more time in your zone of genius. (A win-win.)

Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my incredible team. I recently sat down with a Certified Director of Operations, Ange Quinn, for an episode of the IHML Show.

There’s so much I admire about Ange, from her plethora of knowledge of the behind the scenes workings of a business to her inspiring entrepreneurial journey. 

In just five years, Ange replaced her 6-figure corporate income by running her own business helping entrepreneurs successfully run theirs and it’s been an honor to have her on our team. 

Read on for a recap of her answers to some of the most-asked questions pertaining to business operations, team, and metrics…

Q: How do I know who and when to hire my first (or next) team member? 

A: If your plate is full or you’re struggling to get something done, it’s time to consider expanding your team. Trying to do everything yourself could keep your business from growing. If you’re struggling to find the time to put together your website, questioning the effectiveness of your copy, or can’t keep up with client communication, it’s time to hire someone to help. 

Do a time study to understand where your time is going. Does it match where you want it to go? You have to value your time and get honest about your efficiency. Ask yourself if it’s costing the business more money to do the task on your own instead of outsourcing. Consider where you want to be and if hiring someone to help will help you get there. 

Insider bonus #1: Have an onboarding process. This will make both your life and your new hire’s life much easier, saving everyone time in the long run. 

Q: How do I know if I need to hire a Director of Operations for my business?  

A: If you already have team members to handle everything from marketing, admin, and tech but still feel like you’re not operating in your zone of genius, a DOO might be your next step. Ask yourself if you’re spending your days managing your team, delegating tasks, and answering questions. 

A DOO can help manage your team, keep everything flowing, and ensure all the standard operating procedures are in place with clear direction, concrete goals, and manageable deadlines. (And more.) You might just need a second set of eyes to ensure you’re reaching your ideal audience, meeting your goals, and operating efficiently as a team. 

Insider bonus #2: A lot of businesses hit a plateau after reaching the coveted 6-figure milestone. Consider hiring a DOO for a quarterly strategy session, a monthly retainer, or even full-time to get things moving and grooving. Ange has found that 10 hours a week is the sweet spot for most businesses at that level.  

Q: Which metrics should I prioritize when looking to build or grow my business? 

A: Awareness and knowing the numbers are essential when building a business, revealing what is (or isn’t) working. While it’s important to look at revenue, profit, and expenses, it’s equally as important to understand visibility metrics. Are people on your website visiting your sales page? How does your social media following compare to your engagement? Are your sales growing alongside your email list? 

Take a look at where your clients are coming from and do more of that thing. Focus more energy where you’re actually working toward your bigger business goals. Use visibility metrics to hone in on the different areas of your business that you need to tweak or rework. Sometimes a small tweak can make a BIG difference. 

Insider bonus #3: Feedback is essential. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your team, your clients, or even your fellow entrepreneurs. Feedback helps highlight the small tweaks you can make to amplify your success.

Remember, you’re not on this journey along. 

So, take some time to reflect on your business and identify the areas where you could use support. 

Then, be sure to take appropriate action so you can continue chasing those big, beautiful dreams of yours. 

P.S. Want to hear the full episode from the podcast? Listen here.

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