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 In March of this year, I got a text from one of my incredible friends Niyc Pidgeon.

She told me that she’d just referred me to “Amy from Hay House” who was interested in new authors. She told me to get a book proposal ready, and that I’d be getting a book deal soon.

Later on that week, I met up with Amy for lunch and we discussed my book ideas.

Literally 72 hours later, I’d submitted my proposal and a few days after that, I had a book offer on the table.

Why am I telling you this, Lovely? Because for me, that was a huge lesson in trust.

You see, I moved to London wanting to be an author in 2010. I got a Master’s in Non-Fiction Writing and wrote a book about online dating and relationships. Although I didn’t publish that book, I always knew I was destined to be an author.

Fast forward to 2016 where I met Amy at a party and told her I wanted to be an author at Hay House.

That came true in early 2018. In fact, our lunch date was right around the corner from my first (closet-sized) flat.

You can see the Facebook LIVE I filmed that day below:

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Clearly, that was a total full-circle moment for me and it taught me a huge lesson in trust.

Trust in my heart.
Trust in what I know is meant for me.
Trust in what’s on its way.
Trust in timing.

People often ask me whether I ever doubt that what I want is actually going to happen.

The answer?


I honestly don’t.

Why would I doubt something that’s inside of me? There are plenty of things I don’t want, and I don’t question that. Why doubt everything I do want?

I believe that everything you want wants you back and the sooner you can trust that and trust in life, the sooner you’ll see those dreams become a reality.

One of the most influential books for James and me this year was Trust by Iylana Vanzant. I highly recommend you buy it now or put it on your Christmas list.

You’re going to be blown away by the lack of trust in your life right now and how that’s keeping you…


…in so many ways.

So, Lovely, ask yourself today, what would it look like to trust yourself? Trust the process? Trust that you are where you are supposed to be right now (by the way, that doesn’t mean you can’t also step on the gas!). Trust that life is for you, not against you?

How would that feel? What would that open up for you? How would that change your level of success? How would that change your mindset and in turn set you free from the constraints of your thoughts?

Take 5 minutes and journal on that today and start to observe the lack of trust in your life.

Don’t judge it, but observe it and start to shift into faith instead.

Be prepared to be amazed, Lovely!

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