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Still The Girl Crying In The Park + Big Changes To IHML



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Hi Lovely,

I’m so excited to write this email – more excited than I’ve been in a long time.

But before we go there, I have to share something personal with you…

I’ve never been good at “playing it cool” or pretending like everything is okay when it’s not. (I was terrible at dating for that reason!)

And today’s email is a perfect example of that…

Recently, James and I went out to dinner after a long week, and something felt off. I should have been happy — a lot of “incredible” things had happened, a lot of boxes had been ticked off, by all accounts, we were rocking it. But I was exhausted and emotional.

So emotional that at dinner after we’d eaten, I asked James if he was okay with me walking home while he stayed and had his dessert because I didn’t want to cry in the restaurant. (Although I’ve cried in many restaurants over the years, this didn’t feel like a night to do so ha!).

So I found myself walking back through the park crying.

Then I realized…

It was the same park that I’d cried in back in 2009 when I first moved to London. And then again in 2011 when I was alone and miserable. And then now in 2018.

I was still that girl crying in the park 9 years later.



That was unacceptable in my book. After everything I’d “achieved” how could that still be the case?

In that moment, I knew something had to change.

After all, I run a company called I Heart My Life, and I’m not saying I expect to be happy all the time, but I am saying that I owe it to myself and to you, Lovely, to follow my heart and do what makes me happy.

And I knew I wasn’t.

The truth was, I was scared of going in a different direction.

I was scared of what it would mean about me and for the business.

I was no longer in alignment.

Maybe you can relate Lovely.

Maybe you can relate to those moments that seem off, Lovely.

Maybe you’ve been there — experienced times when you realized something needed to change and you have to summon the courage to make that happen?

That’s where I was.

I realized I’d rather lose it all than keep doing more of the same.

(Obviously, that doesn’t need to happen, but for someone who loves her shoes, 5-star trips and luxury, that was a big “aha”.)

So today, I wanted to share transparently that big changes are on their way, and from here on out, I vow to continue to follow my heart and generate the courage to facilitate the IHML Movement that you deserve.


That’s my vow to you, Lovely. I hope you trust me and see that I always have the vision in mind.

The vision that will help you facilitate your dreams and step into that something big you’re meant for…

The vision that means you create a life that’s better than your dreams and you’re not the girl crying on the bench a decade later.

This is about both of us.

I’ve got your back, Lovely, and I love you.

And just so you know, more info will be coming very soon (like over the next few weeks soon!) and in case you missed it, we did already make one big and exciting announcement that’s a part of this new chapter…

We’re hosting our first public live event in NYC in October. I’d love to see you there…

We’re offering special pricing through this week (ending on June 1st, 6pm EDT). (Use the promo code “iheartnyc” to get a discount on your ticket!)

>>>Check it out by clicking here…

I also wanted to make you aware that in March 2019, we’ll be hosting our first IHML Retreat in Bora Bora.

(Yes, I said Bora Bora.)

I’d love for you to apply if that sort of thing interests you ;).

It’s the perfect place to realign, harness the powers of the Universe (and your own powers), come up with your first or next million dollar idea and learn from 7-figure business owners and fellow driven (and amazing) female entrepreneurs.

Just a little exciting, right, Lovely?

>>>Click here to apply

Oh, and that opportunity has limited spots available, so please don’t delay.

And if you have any questions, email my team at info@iheartmylife.com.

And finally (and most importantly), thank you for your continued support on this journey.

I know that alignment means big things for both of us, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting ‘til the moment I can share more…

Lots of love,


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