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Step Inside My Client Tricia Brouk’s Luxury Manifestation Ritual



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Manifestation is all about creating space for your dreams and desires to come true—from feeling at peace with where you are today, to speaking your hopes into existence and trusting the Universe to have your back every step of the way throughout the process.

I attribute a lot of my success to the law of attraction (in fact, I’m certain I manifested my soulmate, James) and to the time I’ve dedicated over the years to getting clear on the life I want to live and the businesses I want to build, scripting out my vision, claiming my own power, and trusting my inner voice. My personal spiritual practice has completely transformed my life, which is why I share it with all of my clients—yes, even the ones that aren’t particularly ‘woo’.

The way I see it, your thoughts create your lived reality, and anything you can think of is yours for the taking, but in order for your wishes to come to fruition, you’ve got to be in a receiving frame of mind. (Otherwise, you’re likely to miss the opportunities that come your way, even when they’re staring you right in the face.) For many of us, this is easier said than done, as the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life tend to keep us focused on our present circumstances, distracting us from what our lives could be, given the chance.

That’s why we can all benefit from a regular meditation and manifestation ritual that honors the power of our thoughts, grounds us in our dream reality, and reminds us that we are limitless. And what better way to do it than by removing yourself from the source of your distractions and transporting your physical self to a sacred and peaceful space where you can fully immerse yourself in your thoughts?

I recently sat down with my longtime client and friend Tricia Brouk to chat about the role manifestation has played in her success story, and most interestingly, the annual five-star manifestation ritual she has created for herself in order to get into receivership mode and spend time with her highest self.

(Trust me, you’ll want to manifest her manifestation ritual, it’s that beautiful!)

Tricia is an award-winning director, speaking coach, lifelong dancer, and Founder of The Big Talk Academy—a certification program for new and aspiring speakers. Having put over 50 speakers onto 15+ TEDx stages, her mission is to help people craft their big talk and land amazing stages so that they can have a massive impact on the world—and affect lasting change on their audiences. James and I have had the pleasure of working with Tricia for over two years (starting with an exclusive VIP Day in LA back in 2019) and I can honestly say that her life has transformed beyond recognition—and it’s all thanks to her newfound relationship with source energy (her words, not mine!).

Keep on reading to find out three lessons Tricia learned about manifestation over the last two years—and to get inspired by her annual high-vibe ritual!

1. Connect with your spiritual side

When we first met, Tricia was very reluctant to try out a spiritual practice—she was certainly not a stranger to success, but as she puts it, she was an “unconscious competent”. 

“I had no understanding of what it meant to be connected to source,” she says. “What became clear to me was that I was very successful with discipline, grit, tenacity—and all of those things served me in having a very successful life and career. And when I became conscious of my confidence in my competence, I became conscious that I could actually be more successful than I am now if I am connected to the bigger picture, if I am connected to the Universe, if I start to tap into my intuitive side, if I start to think about how I feel instead of just doing all the time, rolling my sleeves up and pushing. And when I leaned into that, the tenacity and discipline didn’t go anywhere. When I gave myself permission to allow the space for more, more became possible—and that is when I became conscious.”

Here’s what inspired her to lean into her spiritual side:

“This all came to me because I started reading books, and becoming more aware of the bigger picture. I also started deepening my meditation practice. I started deepening my connection to Source and to the Universe. I started testing my personal strength. I also started playing the game of ‘is this really happening?’ I was reading Pam Grout’s amazing book, E-Squared at the time. The moment I opened up to it, boy, did I hear from the Universe daily! I say this because being a performance artist in New York City is hard. You hear ‘no’ all the time. All that is true and yet, anything is possible. I’m from a small town in Missouri, and now I live in New York City with my incredible husband in a beautiful apartment that faces the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.”

“Anything is possible for you as well. And if you can think it, it’s already yours.”

2. Trust your inner voice (even if you don’t know the reasons why)

Tricia and her family recently experienced the power of trusting your intuition in action. Living in a rent-controlled apartment in New York City they had no intention of leaving, Tricia got an intuitive download telling her they had to move. So they started looking for apartments.

“I remember saying to [my husband] Joe, honey, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but this is happening. And I need you to trust me. This was one of the most influential speeches and negotiations I have ever given in my life—to talk to my husband who had lived in that apartment for 15 years, into moving when there was no reason for it. That was an epic moment of communication. And that became the ripple effect to this moment in time. I moved from a small, dark one-bedroom apartment, to a very bright two-bedroom, two-bathroom with wrap-around windows, a doorman, a gym, and an outdoor space in the building. And it was two blocks from where I lived. In that year, my word was ‘expansive’. I called this into my life because I was listening… because I was available. And in that moment, I said to myself that I’m always going to stay available.” 

That line of thinking led Tricia to fly out to LA (over 6,000 miles) and invest in a high-level VIP Day with James and me. And while she hung back for a moment before making the $15k investment in full, she felt the familiar pull of her intuition and knew that this was the natural next step for her. (Tricia speaks to this experience in this tell-all video. She continued to invest in 1:1 coaching with us and made that nearly 6-figure investment back in just three months.)

When you give yourself permission to step into a space of absolute receivership and be available to all of the options and opportunities life has to offer, anything is possible. That’s why Tricia says that for her, manifestation has become “a daily event. It is something that I am available to every single day. And I am so grateful that I am now tapped in so clearly to source and I can listen and I can receive.”

3. Detach from the outcome

One of the fundamental principles in the law of attraction is that you can’t manifest your dreams and desires unless you trust the Universe to make them happen.

Tricia has built an incredible life for herself and her loved ones, and it’s largely because she was open to receiving abundance as it came to her. She didn’t hold tight to the outcomes and physical results of her manifestations but rather, fully trusted that she would receive what she desired and deserved—and it led to her being fully booked through 2022 in her business.

“I was in full receivership. I detached from how any of what I was designing was going to happen. So when I had an inbox full of people asking to work with me one-on-one, I was able to be grateful. These are the people I am meant to be working with. These are the top-level thought leaders. These are the people who know what they want and they want to start yesterday. So in addition to them reaching out to me, they were able to fill my calendar through 2022. So talk about being in full receivership. My one-on-one clients are booked through 2022, and I believe without a doubt, that is a direct effect of me calling in what I desire and being available to receive it with absolutely no fear and without absolutely any attachment to how it was going to happen. If I had concerned myself with how it was going to happen, I would have gotten in the way of that.”

Tricia’s Annual Luxury Manifestation Ritual

Having experienced the power of manifestation in every area of her life, Tricia decided to create the ultimate manifestation ritual that would allow her to tap fully into receiving mode. Being a lover of luxury (like me), she knew her highest self would show up most clearly in a lavish location, with the peace and sacred space she needed to send powerful signals to the Universe.

This is the step-by-step of what her ritual looks like:

  • Flying first class to a five-star hotel by the beach
  • Packing extremely comfortable pajamas
  • Making restaurant reservations for herself every night so she’s not hoping she gets a table
  • Letting the concierge know that she wants a specific pillow
  • Scheduling a massage
  • Asking for every single thing she wants unapologetically—from cold sparkling water to poolside peace and quiet 
  • 30-45 minutes of hypnotherapy meditation, where she envisions where she is (on a beach, facing the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves)
  • Giving herself permission to allow whatever would come 
  • Outward manifestation (scripting her day, and what she’s available for that day)
  • Writing down everything she is grateful for
  • Greeting everybody she meets with kindness and affection 
  • Practicing yoga on the beach at sunrise
  • Putting herself first, every moment of every day

When she got back from her trip this year, she got even more intuitive downloads and made more uplevels in order to honor her highest good, both in her life and in her business. She recently hired a private vegan chef and a car service in order to follow the path of least resistance every day. And it goes without saying, she also continued to invest in high-level mentors. As she says: “We all need an outside eye. And part of the ability to trust comes from having a community or a support system or a mentor. So having somebody in your court who’s really lifting you up and helping you make adjustments will mean you can continue to trust yourself and know you’re on the right path.”

While you may not be in the position to implement every piece in Tricia’s manifestation process at this point in time, each and every one of us can create a ritual of our very own—one that reminds us of our inner power and opens us up to the goodness the Universe has to offer.

What are you taking away from her routine?


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