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Simple PR Tips You Can Start Implementing Today (for real!)



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From mentions on social media to features in top-rated publications, publicity is something we’re all craving, right? (Right). 

In some cases, businesses pay tens of thousands of dollars for the PR. 

But here’s the good news… 

You don’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can manage your business’ PR all on your own.  

And you’re probably already doing some of the things I’m about to share! (#win)

You read that right. Whether you are just getting started building your business or have years of experience, there are simple ways to step up your game and get your name out there. 

You can listen to the latest episode of the IHML Show featuring special guest and PR expert Jane Tabachnick for all things publicity. The episode lays out the simple steps to take to tackle PR in your business. Just be sure to grab your notebook first… 😉

Until then, here’s a sneak peek at some of Jane’s top tips for building and implementing these effective PR habits in your business ASAP…

 Share your success. 

The truth is, you don’t have to have decades of experience to generate positive press and build credibility. What you do need, however, are results. Success stories are at the heart of successful publicity, and we all have them. 

These can come from practice clients, paying clients, or even transferable successes you achieved before opening the doors to your biz. Gather your success stories and craft them into a feature pitch showcasing the results that are possible through your products or services. 

The art of storytelling. 

When it comes to publicity, it’s not just about having a story to share but also about how you tell it. If you can show a transformation in a way that allows others to see themselves in that situation, people will want to share it. The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert to be relatable. 

Show how your product or service can help solve a really valuable problem for your target audience, regardless of the media outlet. The media will be looking for that value-add before they help spread the word. 

Build your media list. 

There are two easy ways to build your contact list. The first is utilizing the powers and resources of the world wide web. If you’re looking to connect with someone who writes for Forbes, literally type ‘Forbes Writer’ into the Google Search bar. You’ll likely stumble across an entire list of options that others have already put together. 

Your other option is the reverse engineer approach. Find content that you find valuable and a good fit for your audience. Then determine who the writer or creator is and add them to your list. If their contact information isn’t easily accessible, use their name to play around with the format of other known emails within the same company. 

3rd party credibility is key. 

Here’s the harsh truth, people don’t care about what you have to say about yourself. What they do care about is what others say about you. Think about it; When it comes to checking out a new restaurant or staying in a hotel, you’re more apt to trust other people’s reviews over the boasting marketing put out by the company itself. It works the same way here. 

Make a habit of building and nurturing relationships with media personnel and influencers within your industry (or, as Jane calls it, ‘Hug an Influencer’). It can be as simple as commenting and liking their posts on social media. You’d be surprised how far authentic connection can take you in the world of PR. (This was my favorite part of the episode so make sure to listen to hear more about this!)

 Building PR into your busy schedule. 

Choose one PR habit to implement each day, or at least three times a week. Whether it’s looking up an email address for a journalist, sending a pitch, or connecting with an influencer,  schedule the time to get it done.

If you were to find a new connection each week or make a pitch each week, you’d have a media list of 52 people or have sent 52 pitches by the end of the year. If you keep up with the simple habits and make the right connections, you’re on a great track. 

The more you build these PR practices into your business routines, the more results you will see.

Remember, anyone you see getting on stages, being interviewed on podcasts, or getting any kind of press is pitching themselves (or hiring someone else to do it for them). 

It’s not about luck. 

That exposure and those opportunities are possible for you too. You just have to be willing to show up for your business and do the work. 😘

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