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I hope you’re having a great holiday season!

James and I are on our way to Vail to spend a week skiing and ring in the New Year. We can’t wait!

This past week, we were in Ohio visiting my family and friends. I had quite a few conversations about our business and everything that’s happened in 2015 – literally the best year of my life thus far. 

As I reflect back on this year and everything we’ve done and achieved, one word comes to mind: grateful. 

I’ll be the first one to admit that 2015 stretched me and there were moments where it wasn’t always easy, but it was so worth it. 

For the first time, I feel like I’m living the life I always wanted and finally using the gifts I was given to make a difference in the world.

Maybe that’s what you want too, lovely.

So today, I’d love to share a little bit about what I was able to achieve in just one year to show you what’s possible for you too. 

(Note: This email is longer than normal because I wanted to share some special photos with you!)

Here’s my 2015 recap…

January – Moved into our dream flat in London, started my first group program, hired a high-level coach.

February – Traveled to Sydney and Bali. I discovered the joys of room service.

March – Had my first 6-figure month in sales! Hosted an event with Kate Spade. Launched the third round of our group program.

April – My husband left his 9-5 job to join me in the company. We traveled to Venice to celebrate! We also launched an infoproduct that’s gone on to make multiple 6-figures in sales.

May – Traveled to Nice, St. Tropez and Paris, and James and I had our first photoshoot as business partners.

June – Launched the second round of our group program while traveling around Italy with my family.

July – Relaunched our website and made it even more snazzy. Registered 60 participants in our group program! Spent time in Ohio with my family.

August – Traveled to LA! Got the top award at my group program graduation.

September – Filmed my first professional video series. Launched our brand new program called I Heart Coaching.

October – Rang in my 30th birthday in Paris in style! Filled I Heart Coaching and made over $200k in sales. Hosted an incredible event at The Ritz London.

November – Launched a new infoproduct called I Heart Money. Hired a second VA in the US and became even more addicted to delegating.

December – Celebrated Christmas in London and Ohio with friends and family. Now on our way to Vail!

Whew! If that doesn’t show you that anything is possible, I don’t know what will.

That’s the point of this, lovely. All of that was possible because I decided to go for my dreams and take massive action this year. I didn’t wait until everything was perfect or until I felt 100% confident. I went for it and didn’t hesitate. 

After all, no one ever did anything great by dabbling.

So if you have big dreams for this coming year, start taking action today and believe that everything you want is possible for you too! 

Here’s to you making 2016, your best year ever.

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