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Scared or Rich: 4 Steps to Move Past Fear and Hit Your Money Goals



I help you stop making excuses, transform your mindset to match your big vision and ultimately create your dream life.

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Move past the fear that is holding your dreams hostage and keeping you broke. I’m sharing the four steps that will quickly move you from that scared place into that wealth creation place.

“You will always feel afraid, but it’s your choice what you do with that fear.” 

-Emily Williams


We recognize fear as the truth because we haven’t taught our mind to think in a different way and we haven’t taught ourselves how to move through that fear even when it comes up.

Understand that fear is actually normal, but it’s not real.

Whatever we resist actually persists. If you’re in resistance of something, that actually means that you have a lot of energy going towards it.


Ask yourself if this is a real fear. Could it really happen? What would happen if the fear came true?

When you explore your fear and what is causing it, you realize that it doesn’t have power over you.

Do not fear the unknown. Embrace it. Feeling nervous is not a red flag warning you of danger. Nerves mean you are about to do something new.

What would happen if you started to operate from that space and you truly believed that when you felt fear, it was actually a good thing? That’s what I want to encourage you to do today.

Have that awareness that the fear is there, but ask yourself what does it mean and is there actually true real danger?


Attach yourself to your desire and ask what is on the other side of that fear.

Start attaching to your own desire because you will only begin to move through the fear when you see the benefit of doing so.

What are your reasons to move past the fear?

What if you started to operate from that space and you truly believed that when you felt fear, it was actually a good thing?

When we’re judging our desire or we’re in fear around it not happening, that’s a low vibrational energy. That’s not a place where you’re going to create wealth.

It’s not that the fear doesn’t exist in every moment of every day, but when you’re so focused on moving through it, and moving into the place that you desire to be in, it dissipates. You’re no longer living in fear or making decisions from a place of fear.


What action is it going to take for you to fulfil your desire?

If you don’t know what action to take, then look at other people who have achieved what you want to achieve. You will start to see which action steps are in alignment for you and are going to move you forward towards your goal.

Even when I was confused about what in the world I was offering. Even when I almost had a panic attack from filming my first video series. Even when I cried after my first photo shoot. Even when I didn’t want to get on video, didn’t want to get on audio, hated the sound of my voice. Regardless of what I was experiencing, I moved forward.

I took that action based on desire and that desire was to create wealth, to create impact.

I know what motivates me. Most people are embarrassed about what motivates them. They’re in denial. They’re in judgment. Those are very low vibrational places. Get honest with yourself about what motivates you.

You are going to learn to transform your reality and take action, even though that fear is there again. Connect to that desire and allow it to motivate you into massive action.

And if you don’t know the steps, that’s a BS excuse. You can find out the steps. We all have access to Google. We all have access to so many resources at our fingertips, infinite resources. You also have an internal guidance system that’s going to give you the steps.

For those of us who are destined for big things, we should always be afraid, and we should have the awareness to know what’s going on with the fear.

When you take all of these steps, you will quickly move from that scared place into that wealth creation place. You will be showing up like never before.

Your fear will no longer run the show. Your desire is what will run the show.


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