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Happy Monday! This past weekend James and I spent time at one of our favorite spots in London, relaxing and enjoying coffee while doing some people-watching.

As we watched all of the hustle and bustle of the strangers around us, an interesting thought came to me – the thought that not so long ago, everyone in the I Heart My Life community was a total stranger to me in the world, going about her day.

And I thought about the fact that thanks to some single moment in time when something shifted and our paths converged, we’ve connected!

Now I can’t imagine my life without the experience of working with each one of my clients and connecting with amazing women around the world – including you, Lovely.

You have brought your uniqueness to my life and taught me so much about myself, my journey and my passion.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and it’s just the start…

The thing is, I meet so many women who think there’s something special about me or that luck had something to do it, but the truth is, it’s possible for you too.

We’re all so blessed to be able to connect with people globally and impact the world quite easily from our laptops.

And I truly believe there are people you pass by every day who need the strengths that only you have, want to hear your unique story, and are ready to be inspired by you.

It’s true!

I know, however, that the path to this point of working with so many incredible, inspiring women was one that was only made possible by me taking action when I knew I was meant for something big.

Now,my life has absolutely exceeded my expectations – all because I took action and went for it.

This week I have the honor of connecting on a closer level to some of my VIP clients. I’m hosting a special mastermind day at The Plaza Hotel in NYC where I’ll be welcoming two amazing guest speakers – Selena Soo and Kimra Luna in addition to I Heart My Lifers flying in from around the world.

To be honest, I’m kinda pinching myself. Who would have thought that connecting with these two rockstar entrepreneurs in addition to the world’s most incredible clients at The Plaza Hotel would be how I’d spend a random Thursday in May?!

I’m so grateful.

“Pinch myself” moments are possible for you too if you’re brave enough to go for it, Lovely.

So this week, take the first step – or if you’re already on your way, take the next step.

Intention is great, but it has to be followed by action. (I have to give credit to James for that one!)

And who knows – that lovely “stranger” passing by the coffee shop might just be your most amazing client yet!

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