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On Building a Successful Business, Being a Mother, and Coming Full Circle With Nikki Elledge Brown



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The beginning of a journey, whether it’s starting a business or having a child, or getting in a relationship, is always the hardest.

“I genuinely believe that the greatest gift and contribution that you make to humankind, and that includes the humans who are living in your household, is to be who you actually are.” – Nikki Elledge Brown 

That first step is the most important, and for many of us, the most difficult. It takes courage, it takes work, and most importantly, it takes getting rid of self-doubt and trusting yourself.

I’ve done it. I got married, I started a business, and I am about to cross a whole new threshold and become a mother.

All of these things were scary when I first dipped my toe in the water. I had to deal with my mindset blocks and work on myself to learn that I was capable of achieving anything I put my mind into.

Someone else who’s had a similar journey is this week’s guest, the fantastic Nikki Elledge Brown.

Nikki is a brilliant copy queen, a self-proclaimed word nerd, a business owner, and a mother. 

I have been a fan of her and her work (her branding is just amaaaazing) for years and years now, and I’ve always been curious about how her journey started and how she made it to where she is today.

Which is why, today, she and I discuss just that!

Listen in as Nikki and I talk about building a business, coming full circle, motherhood, overcoming mindset blocks, and more.

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:16] Nikki talks about how she started her business journey
  • [06:43] How to own every side of yourself
  • [13:31] Breaking the mindset challenges
  • [20:06] Nikki talks coming full circle in her business
  • [32:02] How internal pressure can stop you from becoming the person you’re meant to be
  • [35:45] Tips to run your own Naptime Empire from Nikki
  • [42:23] Nikki shares with us what truly motivates her


“When I started my business in 2013, almost ten years ago, which does feel like multiple digital lifetimes ago, it was all about helping people say what they really wanted to say.” – Nikki Elledge Brown

“If you can own both sides [of yourself], and know that that is what makes you whole, that is what makes you human, and same for everyone else on this planet, then you’re not as shakable and you don’t get activated so quickly, you’re just more steady, because it’s like yes, and you can own it. And it’s not right or wrong. It’s just who you are.” – Nikki Elledge Brown

“For me, what I’m finding really inspiring is working with women, leaders who have lots of things to say. They know they have a book in them, or a podcast, or some form of expression, but they’ve got stuff around it. And they know on the other side of owning it and popping that cork, they’re gonna feel more of themselves. [And] I wanna help with that.” – Nikki Elledge Brown

“So [my work] is like self-actualization, but make it verbal creation.” – Nikki Elledge Brown

“I like to think of humanity as a big puzzle, and we each have our own unique shape to contribute.” – Nikki Elledge Brown

“I genuinely believe that the greatest gift and contribution that you make to humankind, and that includes the humans who are living in your household, is to be who you actually are.” – Nikki Elledge Brown 

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