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My top 10 lessons from the last 10 years



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In case you missed it, this month I released a new episode of the IHML Show, where I shared my top ten lessons from the last ten years.

So much has changed in the last decade, and it was powerful to look back on everything I’ve learned and how I’ve personally (and professionally) transformed my life.

As you may know, when I was 25, I experienced a true quarter life crisis. I was miserable but I was driven to find my happiness. And one night, on my 25th birthday in fact, I wrote a letter to myself detailing where I was and what I wanted out of that next year of life. (This full letter is actually in the beginning of my book and sets the stage for my journey.)

From there, I’ve actively searched for the lessons learned each year and now, a decade later, it’s time to share them with you, Emily.

There are so many things I could say about this past decade, but the most important is that it has been one of growth. I moved to London, I found love, I found coaching, I built a business, and through it all I’ve grown as a woman and a business owner.

Another spoiler?

The very first lesson I learned was to follow my heart. For so many people my move to London seemed like it was done on a whim. There was honestly nothing realistic or rational about it. But when I made that decision, everything changed…

London is where I found love. James and I met through a dating site and it was during a period that I was really finding the strength to put myself out there and search for my dreams. Luckily I did, because finding James has led to so many more beautiful moments and I couldn’t have built my business without him.

Every single year has brought me new revelations and new lessons. Everything from really reaching for my dreams and making them happen to overcoming challenges with gratitude and a willingness to learn.

This past decade has been a whirlwind, but I am so happy to be where I am now and I intend to keep on living in and with these lessons.

Click here to listen to this episode…

And while we’re taking a walk down memory lane, what lessons have you learned in the last ten years? How will they impact your next ten?

Ask yourself that question today…



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