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Women owned businesses are on the rise (and I couldn’t be happier about it)!

I truly believe that great things can happen in this world when more women make more money.

That’s one of the reasons why I started my business in the first place. I mean yes, I wanted financial freedom in my life. But it was bigger than that. I wanted to help women like you find that freedom in your life. 

So, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing and inspiring Jennifer Spivak all about this idea. I mean, she literally founded her Facebook advertising agency with the purpose of putting more money in the hands of more women. 

After escaping an abusive relationship herself (with the help of a fund she kept hidden from her abuser), realized that financial abuse created a roadblock for so many women trying to escape their abusive relationships. Unlike her, they didn’t have access to a secret fund to help them escape their situation. From that moment on, it became her mission to build a business that helps give financial freedom to women.

She’s found great success in her mission-driven, women-centered advertising agency, hitting 6-figures within her first year of launching her business. 

So, not only is she an expert with Facebook ads, but there’s a lot more to be learned from her. And while you can listen to my full conversation with her here, I wanted to give you a glimpse into the biggest takeaways from our chat. 

So, if you want to hear the secrets to a successful Facebook ad campaign (hint: it’s not what you might think) and the keys to avoiding burnout when building a purpose-driven business, keep reading… 

1. When it comes to setting boundaries in business… 

Remember that you can only control what you can control. When starting her business, Jennifer saw it as an opportunity to create energetic boundaries around how she would deal with client expectations and success (because it can be a lot of pressure). Instead of falling into patterns of stress and anxiety, focus your attention on the service you provide. There are a million external factors that can impact the result, right? So staying focused on the quality of service you provide is a healthy way to ensure the results, whatever they are, don’t make or break your day. 

2. When it comes to Facebook ads…

Jennifer reminds us that Facebook ads aren’t magical. If you’ve ever found yourself in the frustrating panic of “My Facebook Ads don’t work! Something went wrong!”, remember that Facebook is simply another marketing channel. So, before you get too wrapped up in any one ad, remember that you need to be really clear on the less sexy foundational aspects of your business before any marketing (including Facebook ads) can help it grow. 

Before jumping into the world of Facebook ads, be sure you are clear around your front-facing messaging, know your audience and their decision journey, and have a well-developed offer or product that your ideal clients want (at a price point that makes sense). 

3. When it comes to avoiding burnout… 

Jennifer is a great example of someone who uses her desires to drive her business. One of her top desires? To avoid burnout. That’s why she runs her business on the idea of working smarter, not harder. After all, the beauty of entrepreneurship is the ability to design your life from the ground up, right? So, if you’re not looking to live in the 24-hour grind cycle that seems to be gaining more and more popularity, you don’t have to. Identify whatever the fastest, easiest, and the most joyful path to the result that you want is and take it.

4. When it comes to building a business that helps you live a life better than your dreams… 

There are no rules. Entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to produce and create what and how you want. As Jennifer explained, being responsible for your own life and revenue stream is so empowering. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. So, when you feel that doubt creep in, remember that you are in charge of designing your life (and business). You have to be willing to see the expansiveness of what is possible. And then? Go after it on your terms. 

Jennifer is another woman who proves that if you believe in it, you can do it. You can bring your vision to life. You can do big things and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. It is possible. 

So what steps are you going to make to begin your journey to financial freedom today?

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