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Love Letter to London



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October, 2010 – London, England

It’s 4 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Turning on my computer, I check out a few dating sites – there isn’t much to do at this time of night, especially when you live alone. I quickly sign off when I start to get messages like, ‘How cum ur still up? Cum to me in Battersea xx’ and ‘MorningElo11, looking good. Are you awake?’ I forgot that people can virtually see my presence on this particular site. Gross. Online dating is so weird. I never thought I’d be trying to meet someone this way. 

Standing up, I switch on my lights, lie on my bed, and rearrange my body into work position. Over the next hour, I consider another wave of career choices – should I look for a part-time nanny job (it seems that all you can get with a psychology degree)? – and weigh up my options for finding a new apartment. But wait, there’s actually nothing I can afford. Never mind. 

My stomach starts to knot up and tears stream down my cheeks. My sadness increases with the realization that nothing seems to be going right in my life. I’m beyond overwhelmed. Thoughts of frustration and questions live in my mind. They seem to have taken up a permanent home there, and more than anything, I want them to go away. I’m so sick of feeling lost and confused. What do I want for my life? Certainly not this. 

I look around at the ugly, light-colored Ikea furniture that the rental agency chose to decorate this apartment. I barely own anything in this place. All of it is temporary and unsettled – fleeting – and it’s all been used before. I want a place to call my own. I want to be able to afford the dark-colored furniture (is that more expensive or something?!) I want a kitchen (with an oven) that isn’t 5 feet away from my bed. I want a washing machine, a television, and a bathtub. I want a new home, where I won’t have to listen to the guy upstairs stomping around his room early in the morning. Or hear him peeing when he gets home from work every day. Oh, except for Thursdays: he’s off on Thursdays. I don’t want vomit falling onto my bed at 1 a.m. after he decides to throw up out the window. (I thought it was rain at first until I picked up my blanket and smelled it.) And don’t even get me started on my love life. 

I’ve scared off yet another man (this one only lasted two weeks) and have no other prospects. My ex won’t speak to me and has simply returned my clothes in the mail in a complete ball of mess. I don’t know what I did to make him hate me. He didn’t even write my surname on the address label – all it said was ‘Emily.’ I guess I’m glad that everyone who has broken my heart did so, since they weren’t right for me anyway, but that doesn’t mean I’m less lonely. I want to find Him – the one – and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve stood in front of it twice, but I never went up it. I decided almost 10 years ago that I wouldn’t take the magical elevator ride up and look over the City of Light until I was with a man I loved. That seemed like the perfect scenario to me: little did I know I’d still be waiting.

As I blew out the candles on my cake at dinner (now eight hours ago), my wish was to find love this year. We’ll see. I’ve made that wish every birthday since I can remember. 

Hoping things get better soon, 


In case it’s not obvious, that’s a letter I wrote to myself back in October 2010.

I’d moved to London from Ohio in the United States after experiencing a quarter-life crisis and had had high hopes that, with a cross-Atlantic relocation, my life would improve. I’d get clarity on my purpose, become wildly rich, and find the love of my life. (Read more of my story, here.)

I wanted a life that lit me up. A trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, a bestselling book, my own business, a beautiful home (well, more like a mansion), true love, travel – I wanted all that life had to offer. And deep down, I knew I was meant for something big in this world. Meant to have an impact. Meant to shine.

Spoiler alert: moving to London WAS the right thing in the end – even if I couldn’t see it at the time – because it was in that city that I achieved all I wanted and MORE.

I met the man of my dreams online, James, who’s now, of course, my husband. We visited the Eiffel Tower (of course!), as well as many other tourist attractions all over the world, I started and scaled a seven-figure company, and I bagged a book deal with Hay House, publishing my manuscript in 2019. I found my dream home in London, became an English citizen, and fast forward to now, have relocated to Austin, Texas, where James and I are living in (more or less a mansion, haha) that we built. Ourselves.

London has an incredibly special place in my heart. But… I don’t just love London because I made everything I envisioned for myself a reality, here.

Or even because it’s where I met James and built a home life as impressive as my work one.

I love London for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

1. The History

London has such a rich history – there are some buildings older than the constitution of the United States! There was Roman London, Anglo-Saxon London, Norman, and Medieval London… the Tudors, the Stuarts – honestly, walking the streets is fascinating to me, because around every corner there’s a story that’s just begging to be told.

2. The Royalty

Truth time: I had a poster of Prince William on my wall from a young age. I did marry a Brit, and his last name is Williams, but I didn’t (yet) become royalty.

But my love of the royals goes deeper than Prince William. In fact, I got up at 4am on his wedding day to Kate and was literally in front of the church watching everything moment by moment. I actually look these photos you see here below…

And, of course… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the grandeur of the royal residences motivating! There’s something about being in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace that makes tapping into the energy of abundance infinitely easier – maybe it’s the 775 rooms, all ornately decorated, or maybe it’s the gardens/grounds that are almost just as opulent – who knows?!

3. The Heritage Brands

I love luxury fashion – I mean, who doesn’t?! And London gets it really right. No visit to London is complete without a shopping trip to Liberty, one of the much-loved department stores. And Harrods – located in Knightsbridge – is one of London’s most famous landmarks, selling everything from designer clothes, shoes, and handbags to fine jewelry and gourmet food/wine.

Of course, Burberry and Mulberry are quintessentially British, also. Burberry (with its iconic trench coat) is arguably one of Britain’s most widely known fashion exports, and Mulberry’s leather accessories have become fashion favorites across the globe.

4. The Rivers and Gardens

Although London is a city, one of the things I loved most about it is how easy it was to feel like you were on vacation or in a movie – all you had to do was visit the Thames for a spot of rowing, or take a walk in one of the (simply stunning) parks. A gentle stroll around Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park would find me looking over my shoulder for the likes of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth – yes, it’s not just the peace, and tranquility of the rose garden in Regent’s Park that stole my heart, but the fact that many a romantic comedy has been filmed there, too!

5. The 5* Hotels

Nobody does hospitality quite like Londoners – award-winning spas and Michelin-star restaurants come as standard, and impeccable service, too. The capital’s oldest, 5* hotels (Brown’s, Claridge’s, etc.) date right back to the Georgian period, and, of course, there are the grand dames I know and love well, like The Savoy, The Ritz, The Langham, and The Lanesborough.

…in fact, I LOVE the splendor of London so much, I’m going to be hosting a VIP Day, there very soon, in one of London’s most luxurious locations (maybe one mentioned above?).

If you haven’t applied for your spot yet, and are in (or could get to) London, I highly recommend you do so.

This is for you if you want accelerated results at the financial level in your business. 

Work with James and me 1:1 at the end of June, or on the 7th of July in a group setting, to review your business and find out exactly what you need to do to make (and keep) more cash.

>>>CLICK HERE to apply for a VIP Day with James and me.


  • Walking into a beautiful room with ornate decor and sophisticated, tasteful furnishings that immediately helps you adopt an abundance mindset just by stepping into it…
  • Spending a day working with mentors who have reviewed your entire business (and life) through their unique diagnostic process…
  • Meeting other like-minded women in person and allowing their energy of positivity to uplift you to reach new heights…
  • Leaving the day with a clear plan as to how to leverage what you already have in place…

That’s precisely what you’ll experience when you attend one of our VIP Days.

A VIP Day changed everything for our client Tricia Brouk…

“I invested in myself for one day of coaching, and that changed everything…I wanted to take myself to the next level, and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. It allowed me to step into the next level of who I was to become…and because I invested so quickly in myself, the Universe responded pretty much right away.”

Tricia Brouk

And Dr. Kim Pendleton left with a clear sense of what she was to do next…

“…we mapped out my plan for the year including granular next steps to move me forward but also the big picture I was heading towards…I am leaving with such a clear sense of what I need to do next to not only accomplish the list of tasks but be the woman who does the things I want to do next…”

Kimberly Rose Pendleton

I’m sure London will be as life-changing for you as it was for me!

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