Work with me in person to shift into your next level of success. I take you through my desires framework to help you tap into what you're really meant for and unlock your fullest potential...


Happening on October 19, 2024


Date: Saturday, October 19th
Time: from 9am-4pm
Location: Central London

London, England

A private white-glove experience (for 15 female entrepreneurs only) and tailored to you and your vision to help you tap into your desires, transform your limiting beliefs and create an action plan that actually gets you your dream life.

Most ambitious women are holding themselves back...

  • You see others living out their dream life and you wonder why you don't have yours

  • You're successful in one area of life, but everything else is falling apart

  • You keep going through the same issue year after year and you know there's a lesson there but it's frustrating

  • You have an inkling that you're meant to make a big change or pivot, but you haven't taken the plunge

  • You're looking to the next hire, trip or client to change everything...but it hasn't done so so far!

  • You've been stuck at the same financial level for years (even if you have millions in the bank)

Whether this is in life or business, this often shows up as a nagging feeling that you're meant for something more or different. Maybe...

Desires + Belief+ Action

Over the past decade, I've developed my own methodology for tapping into my truest desires and creating more joy and success in my life, as well as supporting my clients in doing the same.

In this program, I'm sharing this framework . This is simple and easy to implement. And once you learn this, you can integrate this into your life.

My Framework

your dream life




This is why you need all three, and desires work is not something most of us were taught. 

I, however, have made it my life’s work to help women tap into their true desires, expand their belief systems to hold those desires, and then put a plan of action in place to make it happen… even if your life seems “fixed” or the dream seems too big. 

I have seen the pitfalls that occur when you don't have support, which is why I'm so passionate about working with you to create real, lasting change.

There will be dedicated time during the day for you to get your personal questions answered directly by me. This feedback will be invaluable. We've had women have massive breakthroughs  in mindset, clarity around desires and a game plan to get big results. Do to the small group environment, you will get your personal questions answered by me. ($1,000 value)

You'll participate in our coaching day, and we'll give you step by step guidance as to how to create the transformation you're craving using our tried, tested and proven-to-work frameworks and methodology (that have helped us personally generate multi-millions in sales, and clients even more so). ($7,000 value)

You'll join us for lunch on your workshop day where we can take a break and talk all things personal or if you’d prefer, we can continue—you can pick our brain, or we can keep working on your goals. ($597 value)

Three weeks beforehand the workshop, you'll receive our complete life assessment which will give both of us a clear picture of your life presently as well as your vision for the future. This will shine light on the areas for growth and development. We will pin-point gaps to be filled during the workshop to help get see immediate shifts and get big results. This is normally reserved for my 1:1 clients. ($1,000 value)


Access to our life audit


A full day of coaching and connection with ambitious women

hot seats and 1:1 feedback



Session 1: Desires

Uncover what you actually want through my 3-step process of desires + tolerations + jealousy.

Session 2: Beliefs

Reprogram your top limiting beliefs and step into the aligned life you want where you truly have the most impact.

Session 3: action

Leave with a step by step action plan towards moving towards your truest desires and most aligned life.

Plus, hot seat sessions where you get your personal questions answered...

There will be dedicated time during the day for you to get your personal questions answered directly by me. This feedback will be invaluable. We've had women have massive breakthroughs in mindset, clarity around desires and a gameplan to get big results.

Plus, upgrade and attend our Expander's dinner where you'll meet other leaders and influencers who are making a big impact in the world.

Want to attend a dinner with other incredible thought leaders, experts and legacy builders? This is your chance!

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one payment of:

workshop + dinner


ONE payment of:

attend for only $997

A $9,000+ Value

workshop only



I’m Emily Williams, Desires Expert and Your No-B.S. Coach.

I love working with ambitious women who have hit a roadblock in their life and are ready for a change and expansion into their next-level self.

After going through a 5-year quarter life crisis and learning how to dig myself out a deep depression, I fell in love with personal development and vowed to help other women create a life they love using the process that worked for me. Since then, I've not only worked with the world's best mentors and teachers to build up my own skillset, I've now coached thousands of women around the world in my private mentorship program and courses. I've seen firsthand that anything is possible when you tune into your desires, and that's what my work is about. 

COACH, ceo, author, lover of all things luxury. 

“I recognized the ways that I've been dimming myself, how I've been putting myself last, and not committing to the things I want to do, the spaces I want to be in and the way I want to show in the world...also, I've been swatting away the clarity that was right in front of my face until now...”

"It feels really encouraging to sit at the table with all of these women with such big goals. I'm leaving here content and peaceful but also aware of what I need to change to reach my goals."

"I was able to dial back into why I need to be showing up in a certain way...what is required of me...the future me...and why that matters so I can level up in that space. There's been an energy of apathy that I've had for being able to connect back into why I'm doing this in the first place was huge." 

Jennifer Jayde, author, speaker, coach

Candy Barone, Leadership Coach

Holly Murray, Copywriter

"I recognized the ways that I've been dimming myself, how I've been putting myself last..."

I dialed back into my purpose and the future me

"It made it seem like my goals are also made it seem like my goals are small considering the other goals in the room"

workshop results

Common questions we get from fellow driven women looking to ATTEND THE WORKSHOP

The workshop will be from 9am-4pm. The dinner upgrade will be from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

We haven't chosen the exact location yet, but it will be in Central London.

We do not offer refunds.

We have a maximum of 15 spots at the workshop and 24 at the dinner.

Pssst! Even if you're not at a crossroads...if you suspect there's more available for you and that you're holding yourself back, you're right!

Let us help you uncover your greatest desires, what the fullest expression of your life actually is, and create a game plan to make it happen in this one-day workshop.

LET'S DO THIS together!


I can't wait to help you level up and tap into your greatest desires so you can have more impact and happiness.

Not sure if this workshop is a fit? DM me!