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Happy Monday! I can’t believe this week is finally here!

James and I are off to Paris on Wednesday to celebrate the graduation of our I Heart Coaching clients.

It’s been a busy few weeks for James. He just got back from California where he was certified as a High Performance Coach with the incredible Brendon Burchard.

I often get asked how James and I made the decision for him to leave his safe job of 12 years as a designer in the TV world.

After all, when we made that move a year ago, I wasn’t that far into my business and to a lot of people, it seemed pretty risky.

Here’s how it happened…

While I was in Australia for a conference last March, it became obvious that I needed even more support within I Heart My Life.

After speaking to my own coach about the situation, she asked whether James would be interested in being a part of a company.

She said, after all, if I needed to hire someone, it might as well be my husband since he wasn’t happy where he was at anyway.

I’d never thought of that.

When I started I Heart My Life, I was so focused on my dreams, that I didn’t even think about how it would affect James’s career path.

I thought about how us becoming successful for affect him personally, but not in terms of his dreams. And for awhile, that was okay.

But then James started to see everything that was happening and got to experience the world of coaching, and he had his own “aha” moment.

He realized that coaching was what he was born to do.

At first, he wondered whether it was possible for him. Was it too late? Did he have what it would take?

But he followed his heart and went for it. And I gotta say, he’s a total natural.

Truthfully, I had no idea that the dream of running a business with my husband was meant for me.

It wasn’t part of the “grand plan” when I was a little girl or even when I started I Heart My Life, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It was the same for James – although he always knew he was meant for something big, he didn’t know what that was.

And now at 36-years-old, he knows this is what was meant for him, and that’s so exciting.

Maybe part of your plan is to support your partner in finding his/her own dream, Lovely.

Maybe you want to be able to give your family unlimited options.

Maybe you, like James, are looking for that thing you were born to do because your current reality isn’t it.

Maybe you’re wondering if your life can transform quickly too.

It’s all possible, and it starts with following your heart.

One of my favorite quotes is “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s so true. We didn’t see this. We didn’t know it existed.

And the cool thing is that when you take even that first step, it has a ripple effect.

After all, you following your dreams doesn’t just affect you – it affects the world.

Think about where James and I would be if I hadn’t gone for it.

Think about where our clients who we’re meeting in Paris this week would be…

It’s the same for you, Lovely.

You following your path opens up so many more doors than standing still ever will – for you and those around you.

So this week, I urge you to take action on behalf of your dreams.

And get ready to knock your own socks off and experience some incredible surprises along the way!

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Hi, I'm Emily Williams, and according to my clients, fairy godmother of making your dreams come true.

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