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I’m on a Mission to Make More Millionaires — Here’s How



I help you stop making excuses, transform your mindset to match your big vision and ultimately create your dream life.

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Did you know that over 80% of American millionaires are male?

That’s got to change. 

And the discrepancy of millionaires by gender is actually even MORE significant globally, with only 11.9% of the world’s millionaires being reported as women.

I know it can be easy for some to hear staggering stats like this and think ‘oh, well I’m probably not going to be able to close this earning gap, our patriarchal society is working against me’, but that never has been and never will be an ideology I subscribe to.

Let me explain…

As a Success Coach, I help women all over the world to break through their limiting beliefs and rewrite their money stories so that they can finally move forward with their big dreams and grand plans and make more money than they ever have before.

I’m obsessed with helping people get aligned with their vision, pursue their passions and purpose, and generate the 7+-figures per year in revenue they need to step into the 5-star life they’re really, truly meant for.

Emily Williams


Because I know firsthand what it means to feel that you’re meant for something big, but have no idea how to make it happen. To go through life wondering when you’ll finally get to the good part.

And so ever since I got serious about transforming my own life and empowering myself to create serious wealth, I’ve made it my mission to support thousands of women like me — like you — to do the same.

I hand on heart believe that anything is possible for you and that wealth is your birthright — call it my manifesto!

But also:

  • I believe that your desires don’t simply just land in your lap. I believe you have to take ACTION on behalf of what you know you’re destined for. 
  • I believe that all actions aren’t created equal, meaning you have to think strategically first about what’s going to be with your time/energy/money and get you an ROI.
  • I believe that if you want to follow through on all the actions you know or learn you need to take, you have to master your mindset.
  • I believe that if you want to keep consistent and get maximum results from minimal effort, you have to adopt the habits of high performers and prioritize your health as much as your wealth, your wellbeing as well as welldoing.
  • AND, I believe in investing in high-touch support from someone who’s achieved what you hope to, to ensure you (a) shorten your learning curve — meaning getting better results more quickly and easily, and (b) are held accountable. Accountability makes SUCH a difference in my eyes. It can be the difference between succeeding and not.

…which brings me to my next point.

What DO you desire?

Is it to triple your revenue TWICE as Jen Olmstead did?

“I wasn’t sure what to expect during our VIP day, and I’ll be honest, the cost was kind of terrifying. But let me just say right now… it went WAYYY past “worth it.” Emily and her team went above and beyond in their deep dive into our business and came to us with strategies, ideas, and formulas that we could implement immediately to catapult our business to new heights…. and spoiler alert: they totally worked.

Our next product launch was by far our most successful yet (we tripled our revenue after implementing the affiliate partnership ideas Emily suggested), and we totally have her to thank for that…. and the fact that we’ve since tripled our revenue again. Emily is practical, she’s tactical, she’s strategic, she doesn’t bullshit, and she just knows what works. And unlike many consultants and coaches who try to apply their signature formula to everyone, she listens and tailors her suggestions totally to you so you walk away with a plan that will WORK. She truly is a business fairy godmother! I want everyone to work with her!”

– Jen Olmstead

Or is it to make $3.5m from a single launch like Lisa Johnson?

“I was fortunate enough to manage to grab one of Emily and James’ VIP days whilst they were in London recently. I had been pretty successful in the 4 years since I started my business making around $3m a year but I had a launch coming up and really wanted to do even better than I’d done before. I knew the strategy was set but it’s often my mindset that can let me down! I also wanted someone to help me with the next uplevel – finding what my purpose was going to be next and making sure I was doing everything I needed to be doing.

The day was great. We went over a lot of ground and I was challenged on many things – I find most coaches won’t do this to the extent Emily and James both did and it was exactly what I needed. They are both lovely people and they really know their stuff!

I went on to have a $3.5m launch and am now clearer on where I want to go next. I’d highly recommend working with them.”

– Lisa Johnson

And what are you going to do to go get it?

These kind of results aren’t just possible, they’re inevitable when you work with me…

…so if you’re seeking my support to make a million, or even to push past that goal post and hit the 7+ figure year achievement, then I encourage you to keep reading to hear how you can work with me privately.

I have a couple of options available to you right now, so let’s see which would be the best fit!

First up, a VIP Day

A VIP Day is an accelerated coaching experience for the woman who wants a clear plan of action and the support to get the results she’s craving in life and business. Group and 1:1 days are available in luxury locations across Austin Texas, Napa Valley, California, and London, England!


You want accelerated results at the financial level. You know you’re leaving money on the table and want someone to review your life and business to see where you can improve to make (and keep) more cash.

Work with Emily Williams on all things money, mindset, business, and strategy, and James Williams on high performance to get clarity around your goals and how to reach them — apply here now before spots sell out; they’re filling up fast!

But perhaps you want something a little different?


Want to work with me privately and achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently? We can do this in person or virtually. It’s totally up to you!


If you want bespoke support to set you up for success or if you want me to work with your team.

If you’re like me, and you want your coach all to yourself, check out my private coaching packages. I offer month-long coaching, annual coaching, and everything in between. I can also work with teams and support them on their money mindset so they increase sales and get more traction for your company. 

As you can see, this way of working with me is totally tailored to what you want and need, so make sure to book a call to learn more today!


“When someone shines that light on the availability of a higher possibility for you, everything changes…”

“I’m most grateful that Emily holds the space for me and sees things from a bigger perspective than I ever would… and she also pours into me and shares with me the vision of what that could look like.”

– LaDawn Townsend


“Stedman Graham called to be on my podcast (yes Oprah’s Stedman), the Today Show called, and in the first three months of their guidance, I made the investment back in full…I play big and that meant hiring coaches who play big too.”

“When I decided to invest in myself…that investment shifted everything in terms of my money mindset. The money mindset work that we did was very rapid…because I invested so quickly in myself, the Universe began investing in me, pretty much right away.”

– Tricia Brouk

These are VERY rare opportunities to unlock access to my specialist strategies and support. 

If you are serious about creating shifts, changes, and massive transformations like becoming a female millionaire — or even MULTImillionaire — and changing those stats above, I highly recommend you apply!

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