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How to Stop Procrastinating and Reach Your Goals: A Real Life Coaching Session with Janet Cooper



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What you think is holding you back isn’t always the culprit. What do I mean by that? Listen as I share a real life coaching session with one of our amazing I Heart My Life Membership members. Janet has seen herself as a “procrastinator” her whole life, but only recently realized how her negative self-view has affected her business overall. (And procrastination isn’t even her real block!)

“The reason I’m asking you all these questions about your goals, is because any time procrastination is a part of your life… it’s because we’re not connected to our desires and our goals in the way that we need to be.” -Emily Williams

Janet is a writer and helps create course material for her clients. She’s been working for a variety of companies doing a wide range of writing, but only recently realized how much the content itself affects her ability to complete the work. She’s since leaned into the idea that she is a prolific procrastinator because she’s been struggling with completing one particular course.

As the conversation continues and we chat about the origins of her procrastination story, I ask her a very important question. Can you guess what it is? Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. I ask…

How much does she charge for her services? 

You see Janet has been working 70+ hour weeks, has been homeschooling her kids, is the main provider for her family, and she’s trying to take back her time without losing out on needed income for her family. 

As we chat more about her rates and the work that she does, her true block comes to light. 

Janet’s story is a clear example of why coaching is SO important for all business owners. Sometimes simply being able to talk about your business and share your experiences is all you need to make huge leaps forward in your mindset, strategy, and process. 

If you’ve been feeling the desire to invest in your business in a big way, then check out our I Heart Coaching Program

In this Episode: 

[01:44] Learn more about Janet and the work that she does. 

[03:00] What are Janet’s financial goals for her business? 

[05:18] Learn how Janet would bring in quickly and joyfully. 

[07:32] How would it feel to move forward with her own course? 

[08:06] Who originally told her she was a procrastinator? Are there areas in her life that she doesn’t? 

[10:10] What’s scary about saying no to work? 

[13:05] How can you generate momentum in your business?  

[14:33] Learn how Janet plans to use this method? 

[16:16] Janet shares some barriers that are holding her back. 

[18:28] Is there anything positive when she goes into doubt? 

[20:08] How many projects does Janet take at one time? 

[21:56] Where are her prices currently sitting for her services? 

[25:46] Your pricing reflects your money mindset as well.

[28:25] Has Janet done much money mindset work? 


“The reason I’m asking you all these questions about your goals, is because any time procrastination is a part of your life… it’s because we’re not connected to our desires and our goals in the way that we need to be.” – Emily Williams

“I’ve got a lot of barriers that stand in my way in relation to believing in myself and I really do think that if I could believe in myself that it would make me more productive.” – Janet Cooper

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