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How to Know if You’re Addicted to Struggle



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 In my last post I told you about getting my book deal…

What I didn’t share is that it wasn’t actually difficult to write.

I’m not saying it was the easiest thing in the world, but I decided when I signed my book deal that I would allow it to be as easy as possible.

I wouldn’t judge myself.

I wouldn’t make anything wrong.

It would be an experiment.

I’d allow the process to unfold.

And see what worked best for me.

And honestly, I learned so much in the process.

One of the main lessons is how unnecessarily hard we tend to make things.

In fact, we assume things will be hard.

We build them up in our mind and the vision of what we want to create seems like such an uphill battle — so much so that often times, we don’t even start.

And during the times that we do start, we relish in the struggle. We love the attention we get from things being difficult.

Part of us is still attached to being the victim.

And a big part of us feels that if something isn’t hard, then we didn’t earn it or we aren’t worthy.

Even yesterday on a coaching call, my client explained a simple email she sent to her list that resulted in a surprise sales call. She said it was something she put together in five minutes based on some inspiration from a client that randomly came in one day.

She couldn’t believe it could be that easy.

Ring a bell?

Most of us are addicted to the struggle, and trust me, I put myself in this category too.

But why does it have to be that way?

What would your life look like if you stopped making everything so hard?

What if you assumed things would flow. What if you looked for the easiest, most joyful route to everything you desire?

How much would things shift for you?

To be honest, the most difficult thing about writing a book was finding the time to write the book; not the process itself.

(And even that was a welcomed lesson and reminder that time and I still have some work to do!)

So here’s to letting it be easy and inviting flow and joy into your life.

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