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How To Discover Your Superpowers and Journey Down Your Aligned Path with Giovanni Marsico



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I’m sure many of you were known as the “weird” kid in school or wrongfully ridiculed for being different from everyone else. It’s even more unfair when people perceive your uniqueness as a weakness, then actively use it against you. But have you ever opened yourself up to the belief that that may be your biggest strength? If not, now is a better time than ever to invest your time and energy into discovering what you were meant to do— and be successful along the way!

“I think we’re often stuck in our living belief of what’s possible because of our own paradigms or what we’ve been taught or shown. And then we just assume that’s all there is until you start meeting people who have done bigger things, then you realize that it’s possible and then it opens up the door of possibility for you.” — Giovanni Marsico

Grounded individuals like Giovanni Marsico remind us there’s nothing wrong with being different. Instead of being isolated or put down, we should in fact be celebrated! This very mentality sparked Giovanni’s inspiration from a very young age, and not just for his own life. What started as an immersive outlet for teenagers to come together became an international showstopper! Gio himself got labeled “nerd” and “geek” for being gifted and showing an interest in things like superheroes. But when the labels could’ve gotten the better of him, Gio took this struggle and turned it into a career like no other!

Giovanni’s flourishing passion for comics and superheroes, among other life experiences, helped him design an entire philosophy known as the Aligned Path. This methodology is to help build community in a more thoughtful and productive way, where it really matters. And now Giovanni is spreading this message in the most thrilling, vibrant events anyone has ever seen!

Which is why I’m super ecstatic to welcome Giovanni Marsico, creator of the Archangel summit, on this IHML Show episode! Join us as we have an empowering discussion about how to embrace our own gifts, why we should celebrate them, and what we can do to better serve others. Giovanni’s detailed telling of his own journey is enough to inspire anyone, but how he embodies it is truly magical!

This episode is for all of you looking to find your place, and to fit in. But if there’s anything Giovanni (or I) have to say, it’s that you were made to stand out… so embrace it!

In This Episode:

  • [1:05] Giovanni takes us back to how he got started doing his otherworldly work.
  • [7:31] Listen to find out where Gio’s desire to make a bigger impact come from!
  • [10:52] How Gio gained the clarity he needed to realize his resentment— and how he morphed it into something mind-blowing.
  • [12:40] You need to know how Gio got to meet his biggest inspiration…
  • [15:28] Tune in to hear how you can figure out if you’re on the Aligned Path, a philosophy proposed by Giovanni!
  • [16:32] Gio shares how he pulled off his first major Archangel event!
  • [19:42] Want to build a network of meaningful connections? Giovanni knows a thing (or three thousand).
  • [21:25] This is what Giovanni knows is his ultimate superpower…
  • [24:55] Yes, Giovanni has had to work on experiencing his inspiring outlook!
  • [28:16] A behind-the-scenes look into how Giovanna executed his events amidst COVID.
  • [32:35] How can you identify your own gifts? Gio shares his framework for doing so!
  • [35:19] This is one of Gio’s childhood dreams that inspires the creative elements behind his events.
  • [39:10] We ask what Gio believes is one thing you can do to create a life better than your dreams!


“[Being unhappy in my career] was like climbing up this giant mountain and then realizing I’m on the wrong mountain, but I couldn’t have realized it until I got to that mountain.” — Giovanni Marsico

And I want[ed] to be around more people like me, where there’s aligned values. And  it’s not just about ‘how do we make more money?’ Not that’s not important, but to me, money is the tool that fuels the mission, but it’s not the mission itself.” — Giovanni Marsico

“I think what I focused completely on is developing relationships and networks by being useful and constantly giving and being resourceful for people.” — Giovanni Marsico

“And part of what we [the Archangel summit] do is community building. The more you understand who you are, what drives you, and what you believe your values are, then you start finding more people like you. And the coolest thing that happens is that when you can connect to people who are aligned with you to each other, they become BFFs.” — Giovanni Marsico

“I’m constantly thinking, in my head ‘where is this person going and how can I help them get there faster?’ either through an idea or a connection or introduction or a resource or something I’ve done that makes sense or is useful.” — Giovanni Marsico

“I was often the new kid and didn’t fit in. So now for a living, I make people fit in. I create a community! I create for the people who don’t fit in, I want you to be in my world. If you feel like an alien, or if you stand out or you stick out, especially because you’re different then to me, that’s a thing that can be celebrated.” — Giovanni Marsico

“There’s no distinction. I feel like it’s an art form and it’s play and it’s creative. And it’s fun and it’s challenging and rewarding and it’s problem solving and puzzle solving. But work for many people is a four letter word.” — Giovanni Marsico

“There’s no voice telling you that there’s something wrong with you inside your head. It’s usually outside your head, people telling you what’s wrong with you. And then we internalize that stuff, but we are naturally ourselves. And then we’re told to stop doing the things that are naturally ourselves because it makes us stand out and it makes us different and to survive, we need to fit in.” — Giovanni Marsico

“I think we’re often stuck in our living belief of what’s possible because of our own paradigms or what we’ve been taught or shown. And then we just assume that’s all there is until you start meeting people who have done bigger things, then you realize that it’s possible and then it opens up the door of possibility for you.” — Giovanni Marsico

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