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How I Moved Through One of the Biggest Insults of My Life



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How would it feel to have someone that you greatly respect and admire call you miserable… in front of a room filled with people? I can tell you from experience that it’s pretty terrible. My coach and mentor, David Neagle, called me one of the most miserable people he had ever met, and I had no idea why.

“I want anyone who feels like they’re miserable or they’re unhappy or they’re not achieving the results they want or they’re not at optimal health, to understand that it’s really just a decision away for you.” -Emily Williams

He did later find me and let me know that he said what he did out of love, but it didn’t change the hurt or anger that I was experiencing. That being said, I knew that I had to figure out WHY he said what he said. I wasn’t miserable… was I? 

What I realized was that I had forgotten how to be happy in my life and my business. I was constantly pushing to reach the next goal, the next milestone, the next win, and I wasn’t enjoying the journey anymore. Sound familiar? 

After this experience I decided it was time to dig deeper into my overall health. James and I had brain scans done and while I knew I had anxiety we found some other things that were very interesting to note. Do you know one of the best ways to promote brain health? Exercise and proper nutrition!

So I dug in and started working on the four areas of my life that I knew needed work and that I could make changes in. The first was my anxiety. I started seeing therapists, doing breathwork, visiting with healers of all sorts to dig deep into where my anxiety stemmed from. I haven’t completely wiped out the anxiety but I have made strides to reduce it. 

Next was my health and fitness. I’m a bit of an emotional eater and I work from home. I definitely have easy access to the kitchen. I decided to hire an amazing health and fitness coach and I have started feeling better than ever. It’s amazing what you can do when you have support!

Lastly, I knew I had to start building in time for breaks and vacations. Which I’ve done this year. James and I took off an entire week from the business and while it was nerve wracking, it was much needed.

Listen in to hear all of the details of my realization and the steps I’m taking toward making a change in my life. You deserve support! You deserve to feel happiness! You deserve to have good health. Stay tuned to learn more about the ways in which I have sought support in my life and business.

In this Episode: 

[00:17] I’m coming to you real and honest about a time when my coach told me I was one of the most miserable people he’d ever met in his life.

[02:31] Taking it all the way back to January of 2020. 

[05:00] Why you shouldn’t put coaching on the backburner.

[06:44] It all happened at a private event called Date With Your Darkside…

[08:49] Listen as I share all of the thoughts and emotions I experienced after he called me miserable.

[10:51] What I ultimately realized after this experience.

[13:01] Learn more about the Amen Clinic.

[15:46] Brain health is very important and this helped me to confront how I’d live a happier life.

[18:16] It revealed four aspects of my life that I really needed to take control of. The first being my anxiety.

[21:08] The next thing I needed to take control of was my health, fitness, and eating. 

[24:43] Another thing that I did was to take a full week off of work. 

[27:21] If you’re craving transformation, ask yourself these questions. 

[29:48] How good are you willing to let your life get? 


“The whole point of us moving forward with this business is not the end goal, it’s the process. If I’m constantly chasing that end goal or waiting to feel safe and stable until we get that result or reach that milestone, the journey is going to be miserable.” – Emily Williams

“I want anyone who feels like they’re miserable or they’re unhappy or they’re not achieving the results they want or they’re not at optimal health, to understand that it’s really just a decision away for you.” – Emily Williams

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