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How Human Design Can Change Your Life with Victoria Fenton



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A few years ago, I discovered the world of Human Design (HD). In short, it’s been life-changing for me to understand myself, James and now my daughter Charlotte as we had a reading done for her.

Honestly, it’s the “personality test” that has been the most impactful for me. But as you’ll learn on today’s episode, it’s so much more than a personality test.

For most people, HD sounds pretty out there and isn’t as widely known or understood as it should be which is why I wanted to have HD expert Victoria Fenton on the IHML Show.

Here’s a short description of what HD is in her own words…

“Human Design is a complex mechanical system, which essentially takes planetary alignment and maps it into what is known as a body graph. But by doing that, we actually have a template of who you are from the perspective of energetic strengths and weaknesses.

So we can see where you’re strong and consistent and dependable as you and therefore how you move through the world how your aura literally tracks through the world and how best it is to make decisions and to approach people depending on what we call your type.

And so with that information, you can remove a lot of the doubt a lot of the future casting a lot of the fear because you have this grounding of knowing ‘Okay, so this is where I’m strong, I don’t ever need to worry about that thing that I can’t do. That’s not a me area.’

But you also understand how to really, really feel in your life. So making decisions authentically as yourself. And knowing that other people have different ways of doing it.”

The truth is, although Victoria’s mom was into Human Design, she grew up thinking it was a little crazy.

All of that changed though when she became incredibly ill as a teenager and had to figure out what was going on.

That has led her to the diverse work she does in the world today combining bio-hacking, Human Design, Gene Keys and so much more.

“I feel like there is a deep privilege in having to struggle, because I learned so much about myself, but also, I developed so much resilience that I would never have had. And I learned so much that I can now help other people with.” – Victoria Fenton

Tune in to this episode and listen as Victoria and I discuss a loooot of interesting stuff, from Human Design to moving through trauma and health challenges to Gene Keys and everything in between.

All right, let’s dive in!

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [00:56] Victoria shares her personal and professional journey with us
  • [05:13] How Victoria stayed on her path and decided not to give up
  • [09:24] Victoria shares with us her insights about trauma, trauma patterns, and health consequences
  • [15:38] Victoria on nervous system repatterning
  • [22:50] Time to discover the different types within Human Design
  • [35:19] How do you know what cycle you’re in?
  • [36:51] Let’s talk about Gene Keys!
  • [40:43] Are you Victoria’s ideal client? Find out now!


“Everything that I do includes all of my health stuff, all of the biohacking stuff, all of the coaching work that I do and the trauma resolution work that I do, essentially trying to allow people to really take up all of their space in the world. That’s what I do for people.” – Victoria Fenton

“I studied functional medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, and lots of specialisms within those areas just trying to find my own answers, and ended up having to qualify myself because I couldn’t find a doctor or a professional who’d worked with my conditions before. And so with all of that, I ended up setting up my own functional medicine and nutrition practice in London” – Victoria Fenton

“I have a very close relationship with my mom. And I really believe very strongly that I would not have gotten through this without her undying support.” – Victoria Fenton

“I feel like there is a deep privilege in having to struggle, because I learned so much about myself, but also, I developed so much resilience that I would never have had. And I learned so much that I can now help other people with.” – Victoria Fenton

“It really is important to understand that everything about our body runs on our nervous system. And the nervous system is the information or architectural highway that communicates how to run all of the processes. There’s so much going on physiologically on a second by second basis that has to have communication on board for the body to be able to function. And most of it should be automatic.” – Victoria Fenton

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