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When was the last time you went to bed smiling?

When was the last time you pinched yourself because things were just that good?

When was the last time your real life was actually better than anything you could have ever imagined?

For me? That’s all happening right now…

This week, I’m spending time in Bali for another program I’m in, and so far, it’s been one of the best days of my life!

I’m staying in a villa with my own private pool, outdoor eating area, two showers (indoor and out), and a gorgeous tub.

This morning, I got to coach my clients outside while looking out at the ocean. I swam in my own pool and worked from a lounge chair for most of the day.

For someone who has always dreamed of being able to work from anywhere, even I didn’t realize it could be this good!

And in the afternoon, I received a gorgeous arrangement of flowers from my mentor and coach who I’m here spending the week with among other female entrepreneurs.

Talk about jaw-dropping! It took two men to bring this in the room!

I sent her a thank you card and told her how grateful I was for this opportunity.

But her response really reminded me how I got here…

She said, “You’ve made some amazing choices to experience this.” 

She’s right.

I’m just a girl from Ohio with a massive dream that has now become a reality. And no, I didn’t just get lucky. I worked for this. I pushed myself past my quarter-life crisis and into the life I knew I wanted and that I was born to live.

I knew that women like you were out there waiting for me to get it together and support you in living your dreams as well!

Living your dreams starts with a choice – the choice to be unavailable for anything less.

The choice to not settle for just getting by.

The choice to really go for it instead of just wishing or saying things like “it would be nice”.

So today, the choice is up to you.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is possible for you, lovely.

Make the choice and go for it!

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Hi, I'm Emily

Hi, I'm Emily Williams, and according to my clients, fairy godmother of making your dreams come true.

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