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What Happened When I Showed My 84-Year-Old Grandpa My Website…



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One of the fears that my clients often share is the fear that the people in their lives aren’t going to ‘get’ their dreams. It’s often an even bigger concern during the holidays when you have to come out from behind the computer and experience people asking those dreaded questions…

How are you?

What’s new?

How’s your business going?

Maybe you can relate, lovely.

If you’re anything like I was when I was getting started, then you know you’re meant for something big, and you’re ready to transform your life and create the business you’ve been dreaming of. You’re ready to invest in yourself and shift into the role of an empowered, money-making, successful female entrepreneur.

But in the back of your mind, you wonder if the people around you are really going to get it…

Maybe they’ll think you’re being too risky or that you don’t have what it takes to create a successful biz…

Maybe they’ll think you’re greedy…

The maybe’s are endless aren’t they, lovely?

I hear you.

For instance, a few Christmases ago, I was in Ohio visiting my family, and I excitedly showed my 84-year-old grandpa my website. I pulled up iheartmylife.com and waited for a proud expression to come over his face. After all, he was an entrepreneur from a young age too.

Well, I was devastated when he didn’t get it, and I literally slammed my computer shut, ran upstairs crying and refused to speak to anyone.

He felt so bad and ended up leaving then and there.

I’ll never forget that and how painful the experience was.

But soon I realized that it didn’t actually matter if he got it or not for a few reasons…

1. He’s not my ideal client

2. He doesn’t even know how to use a computer and isn’t familiar with coaching so what was I really expecting — I mean c’mon!

And obviously, I didn’t let that night stop me from moving forward.

And you know what? It took some time, but these days my family is on board with my business (grandpa included), and they’re super proud of what I’ve accomplished. It just took some time for them to understand what I was up to.

My point? The people around you are operating from their own point of view and life experiences (just like you), and that it’s okay if they don’t get it.

(Not everyone understands or can purchase Chanel but they still make a fortune!)

What others think doesn’t have to define you and the choices you make any longer.

Lovely, you CAN go after your dreams simply because that’s what you desire – no approval necessary.

Creating a business you love and reaching the success you desire IS possible for you.

It’s up to you (and no one else!) to make the decision to change your life.

You have what it takes!

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Hi, I'm Emily Williams, and according to my clients, fairy godmother of making your dreams come true.

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