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From Declining Law School to a Thriving Six-Figure Business with Leah Gervais



I help you stop making excuses, transform your mindset to match your big vision and ultimately create your dream life.

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It doesn’t matter what adversity you face, with will, drive, passion, and a deep understanding of your goals and passions, you will succeed… no matter what success means to you. There are few who embody this more than Leah Gervais, founder and owner of Urban 20 Something. 

“You have to dare to dream bigger. I think that if you don’t have that self-awareness… or understand where you’re holding yourself back, then you won’t know how much you ARE holding yourself back in your own dreams.”

-Leah Gervais

Leah has always had a strong view of her dreams. From an early age she had a “vision board” in the form of a picture of the New York skyline. She made it! She got into NYU and was working her way to a steady career in law, but something felt off. 

Instead of accepting any of her law school entrance offers, she decided to take some time off and travel through Southeast Asia. It was then that she started a small blog chronicling her life and the times. Fast-forward a few years and she realized that she was playing small.

She invested in I Heart Coaching and despite the loss of her father mere weeks before the program began, she went all in. She was present and engaged at every call and she implemented. 

The loss of her father spurred her on toward living the life of her dreams because she realized that our lives are short. Wasted time is a waste of your skills, talents, and knowledge for all of those who truly need you. 

Listen in as Leah shares the path that she’s walked and why following her intuition and digging into her mindset has unlocked the path to her dreams. She has an inspiring story to tell and you truly won’t want to miss a minute. 

In this Episode: 

[01:58] Welcome Leah! She shares more about the success behind her story.

[03:47] Why she decided to stop following her law school path. 

[05:14] How her decision not to go to law school led to her future.

[08:23] Learn where Urban 20 Something came from.

[10:46] What did the original blog look like and how did it evolve? 

[12:44] Leah shares her experience in Southeast Asia and how that helped her build her website and her business. 

[15:27] Did Leah dive into her business when she moved back to the states?

[19:33] Leah shares an extremely personal story about her dad and how that situation opened her eyes to the reality of wasting time.

[23:11] How did her business start to grow as a result of her going all in? 

[26:18] Since then Leah’s business has only grown and evolved. Learn more.

[28:18] Listen as Leah shares her biggest transformations. 

[32:08] What’s next for Leah? 

[34:49] Leah shares the one way you can create a life better than your dreams. 

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“It is so important and imperative for all of us to always have somebody, whether it’s a coach or a mastermind or just someone to not only bounce ideas off of and get support from, but to really be that reflection to us.”  – Emily Williams

“To anyone out there who does end up working with Emily, just know that it is in your best interest to listen and take this all in…” – Leah Gervais

“You have to dare to dream bigger. I think that if you don’t have that self-awareness… or understand where you’re holding yourself back, then you won’t know how much you ARE holding yourself back in your own dreams.” – Leah Gervais

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