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Ever thought of money as your coach?



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Ever thought of money as your coach?

The other day, we received a message from one of our clients asking if she could extend her payment plan. Now, our policy on this is really clear (it’s a “no” in case you’re wondering) but not just for the reason you may think.

Yes, of course we desire to keep things simple for our accountants and financial planners, but more importantly, it’s to support our clients in getting bigger results.

You may be thinking…But Emily, isn’t accommodating your clients by extending the payment plan “supporting” them?

My answer? NO!

You see, I see it as our duty to help our clients see firsthand what they are capable of and to show them how to increase their capacity to generate more success. And money is one of the ways to do that.

Think about it — how committed are you to a free program or course?

(Not very, right?)

Alternatively, how much more committed are you when you’ve actually invested in an opportunity? And you have to bring in money each month to pay that bill?

It’s a completely different energy.

I was actually having a conversation with my own coach yesterday and he was sharing about the many conversations he had with his coach back in the day about investing.

He said he was struggling over the decision to make a 6-figure investment at one point, and his coach asked him if he believed he was “worthy” of the investment.

The answer at the time was “no”. He was shocked.

But by changing his mindset and making the decision to invest, he created that confidence and worthiness in himself…and got monumental external results in his own business.

The truth is, it’s never about the money. The money is on the surface making it an easy excuse to not get to the root of the problem.

My encouragement to you is to start to view money as your coach and allow it to coach you. That’s literally what our client did here as you see below…

I was so proud reading this because she literally coached herself. She found the money. She got creative. Now she knows what she’s capable of. The same is possible for you.

Regardless of the investment, the money is always there!

Speak soon!



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