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Dragon Healing and How It Can Transform Your Life with Theresa Nguyen



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Have you ever heard of dragon healing?

Me either! Until I started working with my incredible client Theresa Nguyen that is.

In this episode of the I Heart My Life Show, I had the pleasure of speaking with Theresa, an energy healer, dragon channel and speaker.

We talked about her journey to discovering her gift and how she uses it to help others. We also discussed what dragon healing actually is and how anyone can tap into it.

We also covered her process of releasing shame around her gifts, becoming more visible in her work and passions, and moving past others (including her family!) not accepting her work or understanding who she truly is.

So, if you want to learn more about dragon healing and how to tap into this powerful energy, be sure to listen to this episode of the I Heart My Life Show.

“I teach my members all the time to clear their energy not day and night but throughout the day because we are interacting with people’s energy fields all the time like even now when I’m talking to you Emily our energy fields are meshing.” – Theresa Nguyen

In This Episode:

[08:40] What is Dragon Healing? 
Theresa explains how she embodies dragons and allows their energy to come out through her hands or voice to break up density and blocks in individuals.

[02:18] Theresa’s Journey to Discovering Her Gift 
Theresa shares how she became interested in working with spirit after reaching a plateau in her business and hiring a spiritual mentor.

[01:47] Introducing Mindfulness Practices in Corporations 
Theresa talks about her work in introducing mindfulness practices in corporations in a way that allows them to embrace mindfulness without it being too “woo.”

[11:08] Working with Dragon Energy
Theresa explains how to work with dragon energy through meditation, soundbaths, or seeking a dragon channel.

[12:57] Connecting with Dragons through Plant Medicine 
Theresa cautions those who want to connect with dragons through plant medicine and shares a story of someone who experienced dragon energy for three days.

[19:55] Clearing Energy and Spiritual Hygiene 
Theresa discusses the importance of clearing energy and shares her own clearing practice, which involves filling the body with golden light and expanding it outwards.

[21:17] Clearing Impatience and Irritation 
Theresa explains how she clears impatience and irritation from people’s energy bodies, and why it’s important to do so.

[22:24] Reasons People Seek Dragon Healing 
Theresa discusses why people come to her for dragon healing, including feeling stuck in life, burnout, and repeating patterns.

[25:31] Theresa’s Background and Ancestral Gifts 
Theresa talks about her traditional Catholic upbringing and how her gift of working with dragon energy is connected to her ancestors’ untapped spiritual gifts.

[31:20] Embracing who I am 
Theresa talks about how Emily’s coaching helped her embrace her gift as an energy healer and dragon channel.

[33:03] Challenging the status quo 
Emily and Theresa discuss the importance of speaking up and owning who you are, even if it goes against societal norms.

[34:33] Do the thing that scares you the most
Theresa shares her advice on how to create a fulfilling life by facing your fears and realizing your unlimited potential.

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