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James here! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Emily’s husband, business partner and fellow coach.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered about the successful and influential people you see in your industry — you question how they got to where they are today, whether they ever struggled, felt the fear you feel and if they’re always as confident as they seem. You ask yourself how they’ve risen to impressive heights and how you can too…

As a High Performance Coach trained by the incredible Brendon Burchard, I spend my life studying the knowledge and methods of  those who are crushing it in impactful ways and continuing to excel every day.

One of the people I’ve had the chance to connect with and interview is Business and Publicity Strategist Selena Soo. I got the chance to sit down with her and ask her about her journey to the success and influence she now exudes in the world.

I talked to Selena about how she went from a non-profit employee to 7-figure business owner, as well as the mindset blocks she had to overcome, and what it took to get on (and stay on!) the path to reaching her potential, and choose success.

In this interview (that covers everything from business to personal life topics) Selena shared …

  • How she – a lifelong introvert – developed the courage to step into the CEO role of her company, rather than staying in a behind the scenes role in other people’s businesses.
  • Getting past the need for perfection and why she decided to share her very first business interview back in 2012, even though she was embarrassed about how she came across.
  • How she distinguished between the different types of fear – whether it’s ‘healthy fear’ of an opportunity that would stretch her past her comfort zone, or actually her intuition telling her something just isn’t right.
  • Plus the details behind her very own quarter-life crisis, and how she used the idea of ‘living in the future’ to move past it.

I wanted to share this interview with you today in the hopes that Selena inspires you to follow your dreams and know what’s possible when you choose success.

To listen to this interview just click here.

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