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The other day, I went to one of my favorite local coffee shops and ordered a cappuccino.

I asked the barista how he was doing – he sighed and said, “I can’t wait for this day to be over so I can go to bed”.

It was 9am.

I asked him if he had been out late the night before. He said no. I asked him if he was sick. He said no.

As someone who used to work at Starbucks as a barista, I get it to a certain extent. Making coffee isn’t the most thrilling job in the world and the customers can be really demanding.

But to be honest, that sentence bothered me.

I don’t think I’ve ever started my day with the desire for it to be over as quickly as possible so I could just go to bed.

At least not any time that I can remember.

And the thought of someone feeling that way so early in the morning made me really sad.

Especially knowing what I know now…

That success, happiness and purpose is possible for everyone. Period.

Trust me, there was a time when I didn’t have those things.

I know how it feels to…

….wonder why you can’t get ahead.

…get great grades in college and not know what you want to do with your life.

…feel hopeless and question when the life you want is going to come your way – when things are going to turn around because you’re so sick of waiting.

…have to ask your parents for money to get by.

…to feel lonely, sad, and depressed.

I’ve been there.

And that gives me all the more reason to want to help those around me succeed. People like you, lovely.

In his new book High Performance Habits, one of my mentors Brendon Burchard talks about how extraordinary people become that way, and what it takes to sustain top levels of success.

I love this line where he says, “With the right habits, anyone can dramatically increase results and become a high performer in almost any endeavor”.

Then he goes onto say “High performance is not strongly correlated with age, education, income, race nationality, or gender. This means that many of the excuses we use to explain why we can’t succeed are simply wrong. High performance is not achieved by a specific kind of person, but rather by a specific set of practices…Anyone can learn them, regardless of experience, strengths, personality or position.”

What does this mean for you, lovely?

There’s HOPE.

There’s hope if you’re struggling to get by financially. Suffering from low energy levels. Lacking in clarity. Wanting to go to the next level. Needing to improve your skills. Being called crazy for chasing your dreams.

You CAN go to the next level and join the world’s top performers regardless of where you are today.

But the truth is that this doesn’t happen naturally.

As Brendon says here: When you knock on the door of opportunity, do not be surprised that it is Work who answers.

So are you willing to step up and do the work, lovely?

One of the ways you can move forward with the transformation you’re looking for is to, of course, get your hands on Brendon’s book.

I also want to make sure you know that my husband and Certified High Performance Coach (one of only 300 in the world trained by Brendon himself) is about to open up registration for his group High Performance Coaching Program for the very first time.

My final question for you, lovely?

What if you could have everything you want (and then some) from this life? What if you could join the world’s most successful?

It’s there for the taking…

Here’s to living and cherishing every day.

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