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A few months ago when I create my 90 Days to $6K Months Group Program, I knew I wanted it to end with a live event at The Ritz London.

When I told my previous coach about my plans during one of our calls, she advised me against it. She said that it would be really unlikely that anyone would come for an event that was on the other side of the world – especially if it was just for one day.

I remember sitting in a pub with my husband reading that email from her. I felt my heart sink in that moment because I’d been so passionate about hosting something special in London for those women.

I knew how much it meant to me to be to be able to have trips around the world where I got to connect with other entrepreneurial and inspiring women, and I wanted that for them too.

After thinking about it for a few days, I knew I had to at least put it out there and make it an option.

I’m so glad I did…

This Wednesday evening, I got to share a glass of champagne at The Savoy with the incredible women in my group program who came to gather in the UK and finally meet one another after 90 days together.

There were women from the US, UK, and Australia. Some of them even got their first passports especially for this occasion!

This group got along better than I could have ever imagined, and now, they truly have sisters for life.

Our main event on Thursday at The Ritz was definitely one of my most favorite days of all time.

After the event, our group Facebook page was inundated with words like this…

“What can I say ladies…. but wow! A truly inspiring, challenging and heart-fueled day yesterday. Feeling oh so blessed to have met you and can’t wait to watch your journeys individually toward your dreams. I know I’ve made friends (and sisters) for life, and am overflowing with gratitude at what yesterday held. so thank you. And thank you Emily for trusting your gut and following your butterflies!”

“This day has been one of the most life changing days of my life. I completely owe it to Emily Williams and the rest of the absolutely beautiful women in this group. I’m so so blessed to have all of you in my life! Thank you thank you all for everything. You have inspired me and encouraged me so much. Love to you all!”

“I can’t even explain how incredible today was. Truly life-changing. So grateful for having such a safe space to share and be free to dream and aspire to everything that’s possible for us. I seriously feel like I’ve made friends for life and I couldn’t be more appreciative for this group and for you, Emily Williams.”

“Hi ladies…just arrived home from what I can only describe as the best day in my business to date…I’m still buzzing from the excitement! It was such a honour to meet you all and share such a magical experience. I feel like we will be friends for life…you are one inspirational and talented bunch of ladies! Thank you so much to you all and of course, to Emily Williams for creating such a game changing experience xx”

These women are forever changed because of their ability to say “yes” to their dreams and making this trip non-negotiable. They are now the women who travel to London for conferences, they have now experienced the life that is their “new normal”, and at the same time, they’ve given other women permission to live their dreams as well.

That’s what I want for you too, lovely.

It’s possible.

These ladies had no idea that this would be their reality this year – but when the opportunity presented itself to them, they went for it. That’s the key to success.

Although I don’t have plans to run this program again live this year, I do have some exciting announcements about how you too can create the life and business of your dreams in 2015.

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