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Welcome to November! I can’t believe there are only two more months in 2015!

This year has been a game-changer not only for me but for many of the women in the I Heart My Life community.

This past week, I hosted the first I Heart My Life Party, and it was pretty much the best day ever!

On the call, I featured some of my current and previous clients who shared their success stories and tips for big results with everyone on the training.

It was incredible to see the progress they’ve made in their lives and businesses – some of which I wasn’t even aware of!

One of the common themes in terms of building a successful business and living the life of their dreams was just going to for it – even if it didn’t seem like the perfect time or they weren’t 100% confident.

For example, Sara had .48 cents in her bank account when she started my group program this past January, but she didn’t let that stop her from chasing her dreams! Now she’s moved onto 5-figure months and is working with incredible clients all around the world.

Cameo knew she had the dream of coaching and running life-changing retreats, and although she didn’t always know exactly how it was going to come together or how she’d find the courage to leave her 6-figure corporate job, she did it this year! And since then, she’s filled and successfully lead her first retreat and now has a waiting list for next year’s retreat! She’s also about to celebrate her first 5-figure month!

And Stacy didn’t even know where this journey would take her when she started her business while working in a 9-5 job she didn’t like, but now she’s been a speaker at TedX in Boston and has othermassive opportunities in the works that she never knew would be possible for her – all because she took a leap of faith and followed her heart!

I could go on, and on but I’ll let you hear from them and others yourself on the I Heart My Life Party training call which you can listen to by clicking below.

Today I wanted to give you this incredible training as a special gift from me to you to start this new month and finish 2015 strong.

I hope this call inspires you to take action before you feel 100% ready, Emily, to follow your heart, to continue to believe that anything is possible for you, and to remember that the “how” is not your business.

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Hi, I'm Emily Williams, and according to my clients, fairy godmother of making your dreams come true.

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