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Happy Monday!

I’ve just spent a week in Sydney and still have another one to go! And then I’m off to gorgeous Bali.

Yesterday morning, I went on a run around Sydney Harbour and then had a photoshoot with my photographer and friend of 13 years. (Enjoy the teaser photos in this post!)

Throughout the day, I kept getting these moments of “How did I get here?” and found myself tearing up when I thought about how different my life is now compared to what it used to be (a mere six months ago).

Today, at the conference I’m here to attend, my coach and mentor made a point of sharing with the group of 200 women just how far I’ve come in a short amount of time.

I didn’t know she was going to highlight my accomplishments or make a bit of an example out of me, so it was humbling to hear her flattering words.

She mentioned that one of the things that I’ve done over the past few months that has set me (and my journey) apart is really being unavailable for a delay in my dreams coming true and getting the life I’ve always wanted.

Although I’ve definitely lived my life in this way over the past few months, it wasn’t always my mindset…

There was a time in my life when I had to resigned to using the phrase “I’ll be happy when I _____”. Most of the time, that sentence was followed by “figure out what I really want to do with my life”, “start my own business”, or “make more money”.

I told myself I was okay with the fact that someday I’d have more money in the bank than debt. I convinced myself I was fine living in a closet-sized flat instead of the home I always wanted. I said I was okay with the dream of being able travel the world and work from my laptop being well, a dream that would come true someday.

Then a major shift happened, and I decided that I was so done with waiting for the life and business I really wanted. I was sick of not having money in the bank. I was tired of thinking “I’ll be happy when”. I was done with waiting for things to get good in my life and for my business to naturally pick up.

It was then that I made a decision to really go for it and make my dreams non-negotiable today.

That decision changed everything.

Now I have a 6-figure business, and I’m able to take trips like this one and stay in beautiful hotels while doing a dream job with clients who inspire me every day.

I’m able to go out to dinner without scrutinizing over the menu or feeling like I have to order the cheapest thing the restaurant offers. And I’m able to buy beautiful things for my friends and family for no particular reason – something I didn’t even realize I desired until yesterday when I was able to purchase something on a whim for my sister just because I knew she’d love it.

Clearly, when a woman makes a decision it’s a pretty powerful thing!

So what about you? Are you okay with your dreams coming true someday? Are you okay with taking your business to the top someday? Are you cool with having more money someday? Are you happy waiting to be able to spoil your friends and family instead of always sticking to a budget on birthdays and Christmas? Are you satisfied with the life you’ve always wanted being something that will happen in the future?

I’m guessing not so much.

Want the good news?

Today you can make a decision that will change everything. Today you can decide to finally go for your dream business and get the success you want because it’s within your power. You have the ability inside of you. All it takes is a decision.

So decide that you’re no longer available for a life that doesn’t light you up. Decide you’re no longer available for the financial struggle. Decided you’re no longer okay with “I’ll be happy when” and then take massive action on behalf of your dreams.

Your life and business can look completely different in six short months. This time next year you can be running in your version of the Sydney Harbour and staying in 5-star hotels while working from your laptop.

You just have to make the decision today.

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