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For some reason, I’ve never been afraid to ask for what I want and voice my opinion. Although there’s been times where this trait has gotten me into trouble, I also credit it for my most proud achievements as I’ve taken chances and gone for what I want.

One of my earliest memories of this “chutzpah” was when I was 12-years-old. My school was part of a group of eight different schools that all filtered into one high school.

My school was new and had just opened that year so it seemed like no one really knew we existed as we weren’t included in much. Of course, in my pre-teen mind, the biggest issue was that we weren’t invited to the dances that the other schools held (i.e. we had absolutely no chance to meet new boys)!

So what did I do?! I wrote a letter to all the schools asking them to invite us, the newbies, to their dances – and it worked! I received a response from every principal and each happily invited my class to their events.

Although this is clearly a small feat for womankind, that experience helped me realized the power of my voice. 

I know there are so many women who struggle in this area. Often times, growing up women are taught to go with the flow and not rock the boat. Is that you?

I truly believe that it never hurts to ask as long as you are respectful, kind and of course gracious when your request is (hopefully) granted.

And remember, putting yourself out there doesn’t need to be scary; you can always start with something small and then work your way up. 

So this week, what do you need to ask for? An overdue raise? More respect from your parents? A chance? Forgiveness? I urge you to ask! You are strong and worthy of everything wonderful.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Does this resonate with you? Feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll chat!

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