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5 Things I’ve Learned About Success From My Top Clients…



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Happy Monday! The sun is shining in London, and I hope it is where you are too.

One of the things I’m reminded of on a weekly basis is how much I can learn from my clients. I’m constantly studying them and taking in their wisdom.

Although everyone is a star in my book, there are some obvious action steps and traits revealed by those who move forward with their dream biz and life quicker.

So today, I want to share their wisdom with you, lovely.

Here’s are the five things (all starting with the letter C!) I’ve learned from my top clients:

1. Comparison.

There’s no time for falling into the trap of comparison. The woman who’s really going for it doesn’t get sucked into what everyone else is doing. She’s so focused on her mission and the way she’s  being called to impact that world, that she doesn’t have time for what Marie Forleo likes to call “comparison hangovers”. Although she’s subscribed to a few email lists and follows people who inspire her, she doesn’t focus on what everyone else is doing or get sucked into the noise. (Recommended resource for cleaning up your inbox and staying out of comparison mode: https://unroll.me/)

2. Clarity.

She believes clarity will come even if she doesn’t have it yet. Another Marie Forleo-ism that I love is “clarity comes from engagement, not from thinking about it”. Successful women go for their dreams instead of waiting for everything to fall into place.

3. Consistency.

She doesn’t dabble in her biz or take one step forward and two steps back. Despite any setbacks or moments where things seem to “not be working out”, she’s consistent in terms of marketing and taking action every single week. She believes there are no problems – just decisions to be made.

4. Connection.

This woman is connected. She reaches out to other women – both at her level and above her. She knows how important it is to make connections and stay connected. She sets up masterminds, is visible in Facebook groups and reaches out when she needs that extra bit of support.

5. Coaching.

The woman who makes huge strides in her biz, isn’t afraid to reach out and get support from those who have come before her. She finds a way to invest in her success and sees that as the way to shorten the path to her dreams – instead of struggling to do it all on her own.

Maybe that resonates with you today.

Maybe you’re subscribed to a million email lists – but nothing that really adds value to your life, and you’re left with a constant comparison hangover.

Maybe you’re someone who sends out one newsletter but then skips the next three weeks and wonders why you don’t have any clients.

Maybe you’re scared to invest in your dreams and worry about what your parents will think of your decision.

I hear you, but it’s time, lovely.

Take a stand for your dreams by implementing these five C’s today.

You’re being called for big things, and that means they’re meant for you and are possible.

I believe in you.

Speak to you soon!

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