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5 Strategies That Helped Me Become a Self-Made Millionaire



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Looking for a shortcut to seven figures? A tip, trick, or hack that helps you take a quantum leap to millionaire status? Or maybe you’re searching for a secret formula to success?

Back in 2014, I was, too. Only, I didn’t know it… 

Having gone through a major quarter-life crisis and moved halfway across the world to make a fresh start in London, I was living in a tiny studio apartment and working a string of low-paying jobs that didn’t fulfill me. But I had recently found (and married) my soulmate, James, and come up with the concept for my very first business, I Heart My Life. 

To give you an idea of what life looked like back then, I was working as a matchmaker earning $25k a year—always wondering when my life was really going to take off. I was in a tiny apartment, $30,000 in credit card debt and $90,000 in student loan debt. I knew something had to change. So I started dreaming big—bigger than I’d ever dreamed before.

I dreamed about pursuing my passion for helping women design a life they love, making at least 6-figures doing it, and living the luxurious lifestyle I desired and deserved. Others were doing it, so why couldn’t I?

In the months after I launched my business, I read every article, listened to every podcast, and watched every TED Talk I could find about what it would take to successfully scale what I’d started. I was looking for someone to show me the exact step-by-step process I should follow to reach my goals. I’m going to cut to the chase here and say that the secret I was searching far and wide for (and the one you might be looking for right now) does exist, but not in the way I imagined. Because the more I watched, the more I realized that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in business but rather, a common commitment connecting the dots between every self-made millionaire I admired.

A commitment to making an impact and building wealth. To setting ambitious goals and showing up for them each and every day. To improving and developing the self every step of the way. 

A commitment to not just dream it, but do it. 

And with that in mind, I got to work.

My goal was to hit the six-figure mark by the time I turned thirty. At the time, it felt insurmountable. But I made that commitment to myself and got to work anyway, because I believed my vision for I Heart My Life, and the impact I wanted to make on the world, was worth it. Spoiler alert: I ended up making much more than that, and even toasted to seven-figures within 18 months of signing my first client (before my 30th birthday).

And while it definitely wasn’t an overnight success story, there were a series of specific strategies I implemented and action steps I took on the way here. Keep on reading to find out what they were.

1. Removing My Money Blocks 

Over the last 7 years, I’ve worked with thousands of new business owners and noticed a general sense of resistance to doing the inner work as opposed to strategy, because it doesn’t bring an immediate return. But the truth is, each and every one of us has baggage around money—and unless we address it head-on, our subconscious might always be working against our best interests.

I realized early on in my journey that my thoughts became my words and my actions—and that those, in turn, created my outcomes. So if I was going to change my external reality (and start growing my wealth exponentially), I had to take a hard look at the stories I’d always told myself about money, and figure out where I was getting stuck.

I won’t get into money stories in too much detail here (feel free to read this blog post to get clear on your own) but essentially, this is the set of beliefs and opinions you’ve accumulated about money throughout your life. If you take anything away from this post, it’s this: overriding my foundational programming was essential to unlocking my next level, and making decisions worthy of a six or seven-figure CEO even before I had reached those milestones.

This is what it looked like for me in practice:

  • Reprogramming my narrative around being worthy and deserving of money (because I’d grown up hearing that you have to work hard to earn every penny).
  • Pushing past my belief that money would fundamentally change who I was (or that people would treat me differently if I had it).
  • Being open to receiving money from expected and unexpected sources, and allowing abundance to flow freely into my world (rather than holding tight to my expectations).
  • Thinking and journaling on the obstacles and plateaus I was facing (so I could get clarity on my next course of action instead of being guided by fear and self-doubt).
  • Speaking my financial goals into existence without shame, guilt, or judgment (journaling, affirmations, and living as if were, and continue to be, some of my favorite practices)

One last note before we move onto strategy: the first step to removing a limiting belief is always awareness. Once you’re clear on what’s blocking you, you’ve got the information you need to find a solution or to seek the external support you need. But many of us make the mistake of stopping at this step, when it’s only half the battle! The next (and most important) part is to replace the limiting belief with a new, positive and expansive one—and take action from that place of alignment. Only then can you truly remove the block that’s holding you back, and position yourself for abundance.

2. Creating Scalable Income Streams 

At first, I chose the first two (we’ll get onto raising your rates in a moment). I was working 80-100 hour weeks trying to reach the six-figure mark. And at one point early on in my coaching days, I was actually working with 27 private coaching clients at the same time! But no matter how many hours I clocked, and how many weeks I spent working at full capacity, the math didn’t add up. There simply weren’t enough hours in the day to get me to seven figures. But instead of giving up or scaling back, I expanded my services suite. 

When scaling your income to six and seven figures, you’ve got a number of options to choose from: work more hours, charge more money, or work with more people.

Only two months after quitting my job and going full-time at IHML, the first group program I ever launched guaranteed me a $30k month. This was more than I’d made in a year at my 9-5! Suddenly, I was working the same number of hours, but my income and impact had multiplied exponentially. That’s when I finally felt that things were working, and that my goals were within reach. And because I was consistently doing my money mindset work, I felt worthy and deserving of this income—and received it without guilt and shame. (I even offered an event with that group program even though my coach told me not to, because I felt called to do it!)

If you’re still trading time for money but you’re hoping to get to six or seven figures in your business, start looking for ways to create scalable revenue streams as soon as possible. If you’re a sought-after service provider with a booked-out waitlist, you might consider creating a course or digital product to bring in passive income. If you’re a coach, consultant, or mentor, group programs and membership models are both amazing ways to provide high-level support to more people. (Want a course to help you do that, check out this page.) As for the timing, trust your intuition—mine told me when I was ready, and yours will, too.

3. Raising My Rates

Most of my clients ask me at one point or another: “What should I charge?” And the truth is, nobody knows the answer to that question better than you. 

At the start of my business journey, I was still looking to gain experience in the coaching space, so I charged on the low end of the spectrum. I was scared that people wouldn’t pay me what I knew I was worth—and that they’d find somebody else who would work for less. But what ended up happening was that I started attracting clients who weren’t an aligned fit—who questioned my offer, tested my boundaries, and missed payment plan instalments. It was only after a conversation with my coach at the time that I realized the value of my work was suffering because I was undercharging. And if I was going to support people in becoming the best they could be, I needed to embody the values I was teaching.

So I raised my hourly private coaching rate. Then, I raised it again. And despite my initial resistance, I knew I had made the right call the second I sold a program at my new-and-increased price. It felt so good to be paid what I knew the transformation was worth—and I ended up raising my rates consistently month on month after that as I gained experience and expertise.

Remember, investing in yourself is supposed to feel expansive. You’ve got to be an energetic match for your clients—and that extends to your pricing as well. 

4. Showing Up Live to Give Value

I’ve always been a firm believer that knowledge is an unlimited resource, which is why I’ve never been one to gatekeep what I know. Giving free value to my community has always been a core pillar of my marketing strategy—not just because it converts scrollers into buyers, but also because I remember being in the position where I couldn’t invest in every area of business and personal development, and relied on free content myself. 

Before we had Zoom, I showed up live every week in my Facebook group, and hosted my teachings and trainings over on InstantTeleseminar. (Were you there back in the day? Drop a comment and let me know if you were!) I taught freely and generously, trusting that every investment I made in my community would come back to me tenfold.

Growing on social media may look different today than it did seven years ago, but the principles remain the same: be active in your community, create genuine connections, and show up consistently. That’s what builds the know, like and trust factor—and it’s the foundation that ultimately boosts your bottom line.

5. Investing in High-Level Mentors 

While the solopreneur label may sound catchy, the truth is, nobody builds their business alone. I was incredibly lucky to have the support of my parents and my husband behind me in those early days (James even built my very first website!) but I also knew that if I wanted to become a six or seven-figure entrepreneur, I had to learn from those who had paved the path before me. That’s why, despite being over $120K in debt, I knew I had to invest in a coach who would support me in scaling to my next level.

The first program I invested in was $7500. At the time, that amount of money was unbelievable to me (it would have paid my rent for six months!), but my husband lent me his credit card to get started. We both knew that when it comes to coaching, you get out what you put in—and because I actioned and implemented every single teaching, and put my all into the program, I made a massive return on my investment (in fact, I paid it off within the first month and since then, has paid off over 500x over).

Investing in mentors is just as much about energy as it is about education. For me, it’s never been about picking up tips, tricks, or industry secrets—but about the energy I chose to surround myself with. As Tony Robbins says: “Who you spend time with is who you become! Change your life by consciously choosing to surround yourself with people with higher standards.” 

All five of these steps and strategies have led me to where I am today—making seven figures a year, impacting the lives of millions, and continuously improving myself in the meantime. I hope they’re helpful for you in your own journey, as you show up to serve your clients and community each and every day—and build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Which one of these strategies are you actioning this month? They all have the power to change your life (and bank account).


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