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3 Big Myths About Coaching That Are Keeping You From Your Dreams



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Have you ever thought about coaching and felt your entire body light up at the thought of helping others find their passion and purpose? That right there is desire. If you have the desire then your dreams are possible. 

“If you have a desire in your heart, it’s meant for you and possible.” -Emily Williams

But for so many people, fear keeps them from seeking out and reaching their desires. That’s why I’m debunking three myths that I hear daily from people who want to start their coaching businesses, but have been blindsided by mistruths. 

First, if you have a message to share that is unique to you, then you are fully capable of creating a profitable coaching business. So many people focus on the fact that there are umpteen thousand business coaches in the world, but what they fail to realize is that there are 7 billion (with a B) people in the world and most of them are online. 

No matter how many umpteen thousand business coaches there are, they can’t serve every single person who is online today. 

Mind you, business coaching is not the only money maker in the coaching world. Coaches exist and have purpose for every type of issue we face. No matter if it’s relationships, business, money, anxiety, you name it, there are coaches for it. What issues are YOU passionate about. I can almost guarantee you there are coaches in that space. 

Last but not least, you do NOT have to be certified to be a coach. As with all things that come on paper, experience beats intellectual knowledge all day every day. If you have the experience, then you are more likely to be an effective coach in your space than someone who only has a piece of paper. 

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In this Episode: 

[00:52] Are you questioning your coaching dreams? Keep listening!

[02:58] Do you have a message that is unique to you and your ideal clients? 

[04:16] A few statistics about the number of people you need to serve to meet your needs. 

[05:19] Do you need to be a business coach to make money? 

[06:41] Are certifications necessary to be a successful coach? 

[09:08] The best way to learn how to properly coach.

[11:07] If you have a desire in your heart, it is meant for you and possible.

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“If you have a desire in your heart, it’s meant for you and possible.” – Emily Williams

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