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Happy Monday!

When I was building my business, my coach kept asking me what what I wanted. In addition to a whole other list of goals, the one thing I always said was more time with my husband. 

Well, as I Heart My Life started to grow more and more, James and I talked about him leaving his design job where he’d been for 12 years, and in April 2015, he did.

Working together has been incredible so far – it’s been an adjustment of course – but being partners in life and business is a huge blessing.

We both have freedom now – something you, too, may be craving – which is why I’m sharing this story with you today…

Last week, I was sitting in Starbucks doing some work before a yoga class.

Out of nowhere, I got the urge to go back to Seville, Spain.

I lived in Spain for a bit during my Senior year of college, and Seville was one of the places I really wanted James to see.

So I texted him, excited about my idea. (He’s use to me throwing ideas out there about the next trip or adventure, but normally it’s very much pre-planned.)

Both of us have always wanted to be more spontaneous though, and the thought of waking up one morning and just getting on a plane has always sounded really exciting.

We started getting really into it – chatting back and forth via iMessage – sharing images of different incredible hotels we could book at the last minute, and we even decided that we could leave the very next day instead of waiting for the weekend.

We started to think it was really going to happen.

(So much so that we were asking our friends and family about taking care of our cat and flat.)

Then a few hours later as I was finishing up my yoga class, it hit me: I don’t even have my passport right now.

I recently sent my passport and spouse visa to get renewed in between planned travel, and they haven’t returned it yet. Somehow I totally forgot.

Not my finest moment.

(So much for being spontaneous.)

So why am I sharing this story with such a terrible ending with you today?

Just to show you what’s possible for you too.

Not in the “lacking in a passport” sort of way, but in that spontaneous trip to another country sort of way.

You see, just a few months ago James and I both would have had to check with our bosses about taking time off, we’d have to get it approved, we’d have to spend hours looking for the cheapest flight and the cheapest hotel, we’d have to weigh all of our options and decide what’s not going to happen that month if we decided to go to Spain instead.

Kinda takes the spontaneity and excitement out of it, right?

Now, since both of us have left our 9-5 jobs to build I Heart My Life and work as coaches, we have freedom all around.

We can work from anywhere, we can create our own schedules, and we have the financial freedom to not worry about taking an additional trip each month if it’s what we really want to do.

Maybe that’s what you want or maybe that’s not your idea of a fun time – either way, most of the women I meet want a more freedom to follow their hearts and true desires, and they want the same thing for the men in their lives.

It’s possible for you, lovely.

I’ve seen my life transform over the past year, and all of that is there for the taking.

Believe that the life you desire is meant for you and is possible.

No more settling.

And as for us? We decided to have an exciting staycation in Central London complete with the weekend at the Mandarin Oriental, a relaxing spa day, great food and some shopping in our favorite city. (Another thing that wouldn’t have been possible just a year ago.)

And I’m sure you’ll see those photos coming to you live from Seville in no time!

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